Simple yet Chic Hairstyle Tutorial

This quick and easy hairstyle is both chic and poppin’. Here’s how to achieve it:
  • Section out the front of your hair and secure with a ponytail or clip. The amount you choose to section off is entirely up to you.
  • Comb the rest of your hair into a single braid down the center of your head. I did a single congo plait and tucked the end under. You may use some gel to ensure that your hair ‘behaves’ if needs be.
  • Damp the hair you sectioned out and using your favorite twist out gel/cream/product do some chunky two-strand twists. 
  • Wrap your hair and go to sleep!
  • In the morning, untwist your hair using your favorite oil on your finger tips (I used coconut oil). Separate each section of the twist into three to get a fuller twist out. Using the tail of a rat tail comb lift the roots of your twist outs for additional volume.
  • Style your twist out in the direction that best suits your face. Mines fell to the right.
Thats it ladies! I got compliments from both males and females when I wore this! 
**Because my twist outs don’t last more than a day, I redid the twists the following night. The plait will last as long as you want it to. I simply gave it some shine with a light rub of coconut oil each morning.

  1. A much fuller, chunkier twist out can be achieved by sectioning off a lot more hair.
  2. Instead of a single plait down the center of your head, you can do two plaits from the bottom up towards the twist out.

Chunkier twist out. Ideal for those with thick manes.
Two plaits from bottom up towards the twist outs

2 thoughts on “Simple yet Chic Hairstyle Tutorial

  1. nIx says:

    Rudina, brush your hair together to do the plait, take up the three sections, close your eyes and simply start plaiting! Close your eyes and you'll 'see' what your hands are doing in your head (or feel rather). It works. Trust me =) Go for it!

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