Funky Cover Button Earrings

Staying within my “journey to a more napturally beautiful me” theme for this blog, I have recently made some handmade earrings and wanted to share a few with you. I love the spunky look these cover button earrings gives and what makes it even more fun is just how EASY they are to make!

It is indeed a great feeling to know that you can empower another female in any art form and I do believe that many will enjoy making these cuties for themselves. Knowledge is power and knowledge shared is by far the most powerful tool when making one’s way through life.

So here’s the basics:


Cover button earrings – I bought mines with the flat back which makes life easy when attaching the earring post. Generally, cover button earrings come with a ‘hook’ of sort at the back which you will need to remove with a pliers. To save time and elbow grease, I went for those w/o the hook as they were just about the same price.

For my readers in Antigua, Lolita’s sells the small cover buttons in packs of 3 or 4. They are the ones with the hook tho.

Cover Button Tool – This is a small tool used to create the covered button and are sometimes sold in a kit with the cover buttons. You need this little gadget to make your cover buttons.
For my Antiguan readers, I think I saw a few kits in Lolita’s with the small cover buttons.
Scrap Fabric – any scrap fabric you have works fine or you can purchase fabric you like in small quantities. I purchased all of my fabrics in 1/4 yard increments for very little. I used mainly African Ankara fabric as I was going for that definite Africani look!
Earring Posts – You can pick these up in any craft store or online. In Antigua, though, I was not able to secure them tho I must admit I did not look very hard! These comes in various sizes and you want to get a decent size depending on how big your buttons are. I would skip over the very tiny posts as I believe the more flat bed you have the better the gluing will be!

Metal Glue – Just ask your fabric store attendant for this and they should be able to point you in the right direction. I do believe Krazy Glue could work just as well (tho I did not try it). I used E-6000 Industrial Strength glue for my earrings.


There are 101 videos on Youtube and numerous blog on the process of creating these earrings so take a quick look at this short video.

Here are a few of mine. Feel free to visit my FB to see the rest of my goodies. Don’t forget to hit LIKE!

Do enjoy.


My favorite pair!!
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3 thoughts on “Funky Cover Button Earrings

  1. Chari T says:

    These are really lovely…..I would love to own a pair but unfortunately my ears aren't pierced!!! how sad! If you have other DIY's I'd love for you to post them!!! thanks for your comment…and I liked your FB page 🙂
    Much love
    Chari T

  2. nIx says:

    Thanks Chari. And thanks for the LIKE as well =)

    I do have clip on posts. You are in Antigua, correct? Send me your addy and I'll pop a pair in the post for you (to arrive in a couple weeks with how bad our postal system is!) My email is

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