I made and installed some DIY clip in extensions which I am totally in love with and wanted to share the experience with you! They are super easy and super fun! I am now able to remove my extensions with a snap (no pun intended) and take care of my hair in terms of washing, treating and moisturizing. Thank you YOUTUBE!

Here is  how you may make them for yourself. Enjoy xx

Youtube is just absolutely amazing. Honest. There isn’t anything you can think of that isn’t on Youtube already! So, thanks to Youtube, here’s another DIY that I have just completed.

I just relaxed my hair after about a year and a half hiatus. My hair texture is very “‘fine” aka thin! So I usually use a weave to  give my hair body as well as length. But this time I want to keep my hair healthy and protected despite wearing a weave. With clip-ins I can remove them easily, wash, treat and moisturize easily. That is the main reason I have chosen to go the way of clip-ins. Not to mention it is easier on the pocket!

It is pretty easy and all you need are:

  1. Hair Extension (of your choice)
  2. Wig Clips
  3. Needle & Thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Elbow grease *-*
For my Antiguans, wig clips are available from most of the Beauty Supply Stores in St John’s. Ayoushee sells them for EC$4.95 per pair (both small and medium are the same price); while Sam’s has them for EC$5.75 per pair. (Pricey when you realize the amount of clips you need but much cheaper in the long run with not having to go to a hairdresser).

Here is a clip on how to make your own clip-in hair extensions.
And here is how to install them!
You can even plait up your hair and clip in your extensions!

So, ladies, browse around Youtube for other clips as you can also make clip-in bangs etc. You can also wear clip-ins as a full head application (that is braiding your full head and clipping in your extensions). The possibilities are virtually endless so go on and have some fun with it!

* Clip-ins are meant to last a very long time so when choosing extension be sure to use those of good quality that are sure to last as long as you hope for. 
* In the videos, they often double the weave before sewing onto the clip. However, for those with thinner hair (like myself) you may want to stitch one layer onto the lower holes and the other layer in the top holes. This will reduce the bulkiness for thin hair.
* Regular needle and regular black thread are just as effective as weave threads and needles. Don’t go buying unnecessary things.

Enjoy x
PS – don’t forget to talk back to me if you have done these before or if you plan to do so after reading this post!

**March 2013 Update** 
I made a new set of clip ins. These are a full head of clip ins. I plaited most of my hair leaving out enough to blend as well as a bang in the front. I used an inexpensive curly weave which I can easily clip in when I want to put a pretty face on when I have a date or something to that effect. 
Once you have the patience to sew the clips you will get along fine. I still love me some clip ins but the sewing really got to me this time around 😀  I was also stitching them three wefts to each clip. My clips has three layers of holes and I stitched a weft on each so it took me a little while. But I love the end results. These are for my 27th Bday night out on April 2nd *yay me* 🙂
Here they are! xx (excuse the different shades. I was playing around in Photoshop…but you get the picture!)
6# pieces of 10″  wet & wavy weave

3# wefts each to give maximum body