I bought this treatment for my hair based on the fact that it is the exact treatment my hairdresser uses at her salon. (She seem to use the entire line of Motions products from relaxer right down). But what I found not amusing was the fact that when I asked her what treatment I should purchase, as she recommended I treated my hair at home as often as I could, she did not come right out and say, “Motions xyz”. All she said was, ‘just ask for a good moisturizing treatment’. I will never understand why she would not encourage me to use the same treatment she will be using in my hair every time I go to relax my hair…makes sense, doesn’t it?

Anyways, I have used this treatment twice now, once weekly after shampooing, and I loooove the way my hair feels afterwards! My hair literally feels stronger and rejuvenated  It also happens to smell absolutely amazing! According to the product description, it strengthens and repair the hair shaft and is ideal for breakage prone hair which is exactly my problem. It is said to ‘help to restore hair’s health and vibrancy with one application’.

Here’s a bit of info on the product:

Motions Professional CPR Treatment Conditioner

Instantly strengthen and repair the hair shaft with Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner. 
How This Technology Works 
Super-hydrating moisturizers deeply penetrate the hair shaft to help restore hair’s health and vibrancy.
Blend of natural African herbs help nourish and protect. 
Why This Formula Is Better
Ideal for helping to strengthen and repair breakage-prone hair. 
Noticeably strengthens and repairs the hair with one application. 
How To Get The Most From This Product 
After Shampooing with CPR Treatment Shampoo, apply ample amount of Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner to hair. Saturate from root to end. For maximum conditioning benefits, cover hair with a plastic cap and place client under warm dryer for 5-10 minutes. Gently rinse hair with warm water, thoroughly removing treatment from the hair. Style as usual. Best if used with other Motions CPR products.

My weekly hair regimen is now:

  1. Shampoo with my Giovanni 50:50 Shampoo to cleanse hair
  2. Apply Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner liberally to hair and sit under my heat cap for exactly 15 minutes on the medium setting 
  3. Rinse treatment and apply my Giovanni 50:50 conditioner
  4. Towel dry
  5. Blow dry on warm setting (my hair is not thick so dries easily)
  6. Wrap and pin until ready to style
EASY stuff!
PRICING (Antigua)
Now here is where things get interesting and why I am really writing about this product. I saw this product in Ayoushe for EC$27.95 for the 6 oz jar. I thought that was mighty expensive so I did not purchase immediately. I later saw it in Pipers Pharmacy for the very same price so I thought to myself that Ayoushe actually had it priced correctly (knowing how their products are so overpriced these days!). I eventually made the purchase at Ayoushe a few days later.

Later that same day I went into City Pharmacy and saw the SAME product in the 15 oz size for EC$28.00! I nearly had a fit!!! Very same product, much bigger jar for the same price. SMH. I then went price hunting and checked Sammy’s Beauty Supply and they had only the 15 oz jar but for EC$35.00.

Low and behold, I have a friend on FB I was telling about the product and she happens to use it too (she also loves it). She told me where to get it at the best price – the Chineese Store on Market Street where Cammie’s used to be sells the 15 oz jar for EC$14.95. Ladies, I nearly passed out! I went in and checked for myself and just as she told me, there it was – EC$14.95!! So you know where Nekisha will be purchasing her next jar of treatment, right? And at that price, I can then liberally apply the product to my hair as I was being a tad bit stingy with my 6 oz jar when I thought that was the best I was going to get for EC$30.00.
Life, boy. Thank God for the Chineese!
To end, it is important that you note that it is essential to treat the hair as often as possible; especially when your hair has been chemically treated. You do not have to go to the hair dresser’s and pay EC$60.00 for them to do it for you. Invest in a heat cap for at home use (purchased mine on Amazon) and enjoy the benefits of treating your hair on a regular basis. Your hair will love you for it xx