Settling into my Big Chop: Reflections

So, I did the BC. Its been exactly 2 weeks since I have. Since then, I have purchased what I am calling my staple product line: Shea Moisture. I have only purchased 2 items from the line and have had great success with them. They are the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Deep Treatment Mask. It is my intention to try other products from the line because I have had such great results. I’m hoping to get the Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Milk, Gel Souffle and Anti-Breakage Mask. I do not intend to mix any concoctions this time around. The only home mix i still use is my Water Mist for when I want to add water to my hair. My Water Mist consists of water, leave-in conditioner, oil blends and tea tree oil. Plain water is great, I just wanted to give mine an extra boost 🙂 BigchopfaceWhen I did the BC at Oasis Hair Salon in Redcliffe Quay (Antigua), I asked to have my hair colored a reddish-orange color. It was a total fail and I came home looking like an Irish more than anything else. I paid EC$140.00 for basically nothing. Lesson learnt! 2# days later I tried covering the error with a bit of Temporary black hair dye I had at home. It was too little to do the job properly but around my edges did not look as bad. I could go out in public. Still, my hair color was a strange, dirty brownish color. Fed up, 5 days later I went to Staci’s (Antigua) and asked for a deep burgundy color. This time, I took a photo with me! Staci bleached my hair (the color of  which I fell in love with!) and then dyed it the color I requested. That cost me only EC$50.00 🙂 color
Altho she did a great job, my hair looked more red than burgundy in the natural light (photos made it took awesome as per the sponge twist post!!) and I did not like the color on me. I believe it was the length of my hair. If my hair was longer and I just colored the ends and kept my roots dark, I believe I would have loved it…but as it stood, I did not. 3 days later, I couldn’t bear it any more and covered up the red with a few packets of Royal Brand of brown henna (not pure henna). I left the henna on for 2 hours and when washed out I had strikingly BLACK hair! :-/   😀   In searching for a link to the brand of henna I used, I found the brand website which had (updated, I presume) instructions slightly different than what came in the box. The total processing time recommended is 40 – 45 mins. Knowing henna, I knew you left it on for several hours (until dry – which the instructions told me). I guess I just left it on too long! So, currently, I am rocking just a regular black TWA and I’m happy with it. I was dying for a color and insisted on trying it for the first time. And altho my hair texture is now shot to hell, I got the experience and now I know better! Right now, I am just going to focus on growth to grow out the texturized, over-colored hair. My new growth I do not plan to alter in any way. No more texturizers. No more dying for curl definition. Despite doing so many color changes in under two weeks, my hair is NOT dry or brittle. The Shea Moisture and Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier does an amazing job keeping my hair moisturized and touchably soft.

Today, I’m happy with my hair.

I texturized because I knew no other way to get my hair ‘soft’ but now that I have found the Shea Moisture line, that will no longer be a problem and I do not plan to retexturize my hair (crosses fingers). I do plan to try coloring my hair again but this time coloring just the ends so I have that ‘grown out’ look that I love seeing in photos. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, everyone needs to make their own mistakes when it comes to their hair for them to appreciate what they have and where they’re going on this journey. I am no exception. I look forward to meeting my natural hair texture in the coming months. I’m excited for that 🙂 So cheers to growth, moisture retention and strong healthy hair! xx

5 thoughts on “Settling into my Big Chop: Reflections

  1. isleofazure says:

    You have one of the most beautiful smiles on earth my dear 😀 your hair, yourself and your personality is golden!!!! Keep up the great posts and thank you very much sweets 😀

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thank you! I have come a long way from that short of a TWA (still in the TWA stage – just have a few inches more) but I do find that shorter hair suits me best 🙂

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