1 Month Post BC – 6 Months Natural

Its been a month since I did my last BC and, honestly, I just want to protective style these suckers for another couple of months! I have 1.5″ of hair stretched out (in most areas) or 1″ unstretched (3/4″, 1/2″ and 1/4″ in some areas unstretched. Yes, I measured all over). The texturizer I applied initially is ‘washing out’ so I have more of my kinks and less of the texturized coils I started out with. How I feel about that is still up in arms. On one hand, I want to get to know my natural hair texture and learn to love it; but on the other hand I am already slightly frustrated as I can’t style it any other way besides sponge twists. And my sponge twists are looking a bit on the rough side as my coarser hair texture takes root. I do not want to rock a combed out afro, tho I just may have to do that soon as I cannot continue to go to work looking like a bird sat picking at my head first thing this morning 🙂  The brown henna I applied over my color is slowly fading in parts so I have a dull looking brown color starting to come thru :-/


sponge twists twa

Sponge twists / textured look

In terms of products, my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is still keeping my hair moisturized tho I have noticed a difference now that my hair texture is changing. I do not get the “little puffs of clouds” soft that I got initially; but my hair is definitely far from the dry, crunchy feel it used to have…so for that I am still happy with the brand. I am crazy anxious to receive the entire line that I ordered but that won’t be in my hands till the 3rd week of September 😦  Still, I am excited. I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Elasta Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Crème and am very tempted to try it but Lord knows my hair purse is flat broke.

I mainly co-wash my hair now. I am trying to wash my hair only once a week or put as may days between wash as I can. As I type this, it has been 5 days since I last co-washed. Aiming for a full 7 days and I find I am on the right track. I know water is a great moisturizer but if your hair is naturally on the drier side, like mine is, then our hair will benefit more the less we wash. I haven’t used a shampoo in 2 weeks but I plan to clarify at least once or twice a month; depending on how frequent I co-wash. I have no issues with my scalp – no dandruff, no itch.

One thing is for certain, I need to learn new ways to style this TWA – and fast! I would love to yarn braid but I fear for my temple hair that’s barely just grown in (the best they can as for all the years of my life I do not recall ever having hair at my temples :-/). I am also contemplating curlers but my hair still seem too short for that. Then there are the curl formers (knock-offs) that I saw on Amazon a few months ago. I just may order that soon but I’ve got to do some research as to how short is too short for curl formers :-/  I’m still too short for straw sets… What, oh, what are my options?

All I’m typing is negative, negative, negative. I have gots to go back to the drawing board and come up with something – FAST!


Afro-puff TWA

Have my hair grown? When I initially BC’d and took the photo presently in my BC blog post, I still had a bit of relaxed ends. When I colored, the hair dresser clipped off quite a bit in her attempt to “even” out my hair all around. So, judging from my pics, it would look like my hair is the exact same length, but, technically, it must have grown since I know that it was cut down a bit post-pic. I still take my Biotin on a daily/every-other-day basis so I’m hoping that helps/is helping! I have very slow growing hair and I have accepted that. I am not expecting a miracle!

When I have chosen a path to go down as I enter into Month 2 Post BC / 7 Months Natural, you will be the first to know 🙂

Wish me luck!

DSC06730DSC06748 DSC06729

4 thoughts on “1 Month Post BC – 6 Months Natural

  1. Ck says:

    I like the name “Black Zulu”. Sounds fierce! I read an article on the BGR mag website about the origin of the name. It was very nice. Your hair is looking beautiful. Yes, its growing. Despite the trim it looks longer. I think braids and weaves might destroy your hairline. It might be a little early for those. Maybe you can try some twist outs or finger coils. The styling options may be limited but you can always accessorize. Its ok to feel frustrated but do not be discouraged. Stay focused on your hair goals. Hair growth is a process and we ladies just need some patience at times. Enjoy each stage of your hair journey. My last relaxer was 1 year ago and its been 4 months since the BC. My 4c hair has always been a challenge but there are ways to deal with it. I just have to find out how. Its a learning process. I hope you don’t texturize or relax again. I see young school girls all the time with short 4c hair who just seem lost and think the only solution is the creamy crack. They just need to see more confident black women rocking their twa’s. So keep on posting and inspiring the young ones. B-eautiful!!! B-natural!!! 🙂

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thanks so much for the motivation CK! It definitely brought a smile to my face. I am not discouraged. I am just in need of some inspiration I guess in terms of styling. This is Round 3 being Natural and I have nothing to gain relaxing again so that is off the table in its entirety! Just yesterday I was looking back at some old photos (Round 2 being Natural) and remembering a comment one of my friends made when I relaxed the last time. She said, “OMG, I can’t believe you relaxed and your natural hair was looking so nice!”. What puzzled me and continue to puzzle me to this day is that she never once complimented or commented on my hair; at least not that I can remember. When I see young ladies in town I tend to smile and pay them a simple compliment! “I like your hair”. Most times they seem so shocked that some fail to comment or just mumble a thanks but I keep doing it. Perhaps we need some EMPOW(H)ERMENT campaigns to encourage and motivate the young natural community in Antigua. Now wouldn’t that be lovely! 🙂 Thanks again for the comment and may happy hair days be yours =)

  2. Charity says:

    Your hair is looks amazing and the coils are so pretty! I feel your pain when it comes to limited styling options. All I do with my hair right now are twist ins and twist outs! I cant wait till the sides grow out and i’m rock a twa. Your new blog id FAB by the way!! 😀

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thank you Charity! Your hair (and pics) are also GORGEOUS! I have not attempted a twist out. I just don’t see it happening with how my hair is ‘thin’. My head would be filled with gaps and spaces. Oh, the horror! 🙂 Enjoy your natural hair journey curlie x

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