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So, I took the plunge and shamefacedly ran from my short hair! It was too hard on me feeling ‘unpretty’ with my short hair which had outgrown my textured look (using the sponge)  – they were a bit too long for the style. Please note that my feeling unpretty with my short hair does not equate to my feeling ugly with my natural hair. The problem was the length. So I have donned my marley hair braided into small single plaits and I am absolutely loving it!


For me, braiding is not a protective style. My hairline, if I am not extremely careful, is usually negatively affected when I get my hair braided. That in itself makes this NOT a protective style for my hair. But I did ask my sister to leave out my ‘baby hair’ around my hairline and thankfully she did; so I am a little less worried this time around.


6 weeks has always been the longest I carry braids for and I am hoping to keep these for that same period. I will contemplate having them professionally styled as they age (aka – my hair grows out) but I have never been able to tolerate how tight the hair is pulled or the number of hair pins used, digging into the scalp etc etc etc. BUT I really do want to give it a try in an effort to prolong the style. If successful, I would be happy to keep them for 8 weeks instead of 6 which should equate to more new growth. Yippiee!!! *-*


I love a high bun and have been rocking one continuously – probably will be just about the only style I do until they start growing out. This is the smallest I have braided my hair in so long I can’t remember how long and at this size, they are easier to style so I may venture onto Youtube and see what pops up. Wish me luck curlies!


The one thing I love about having braids is the ease of which I can moisturize my hair. I swirled together a mixture of water, cantu leave-in conditioner, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, vegetable glycerin, oil blend, rosemary and tea tree oil and have been misting my hair with it every day. Every other day I apply my shea butter concoction between the parts. This usually results in nicely moisturized hair when I remove my braids as opposed to super dry and brittle hair. I love it!


I have no intention to ever wash my hair fully while braided – ever again! I did that once and the hair were so heavy when satuated with water that it literally ripped up my hairline. You could see all the little white beads at the end of the hair all along my hairline 😥

I do have a bit of dry shampoo and will use that method instead. I may do it twice max. No apologies for being nasty! o_O


If I do not remove my high bun at night [I usually do] then I will mist around the circumference of my hair and tie with my scarf for bed. If my bun is out then I give my roots a light misting before wrapping with scarf.

High Bun

Baby hair free from tension/stress


Love the simplicity of a high bun. Very classic. Very chic.

As a side note, I did receive my Shea Moisture products and altho their arrival has me itching to massacre these braids….I just have to hide them from view for a few weeks!

Shea Moisture