2 Months Post BC – 7 Months Natural

They’re OUT! Hallelujah!! I can’t begin to tell you curlies how good great it feels to ‘have my hair back’! Oh boy! It has been a long 3.5 weeks with those braids and as much as I loved ’em initially….that feeling got old fast! First of all, my ends were basically sticking out of the braids and I knew that was not a good thing. It wasn’t very noticeable initially but as the braids ‘aged’, that certainly became a factor in making them look very stale very fast! In addition, once my new growth came in (probably 1 mm of it! LOL) I really didn’t love the look. It was just looking too ‘cruff’.

So after just 3.5 of the 6 weeks I was aiming at – I released my hair! FREEDOM! *-*


I guess its confession time, huh? I will just come right out and tell y’all that not once did I clean my scalp *hides face*  I just could never work up the energy to use the dry shampoo so I skipped it. I did moisturize daily and I did apply my Shea Butter mix or castor oil to my scalp regularly. As predicted, I never did anything more than a high bun to my hair (apart from letting them down once or twice).

Overall, it was a good 3.5 weeks. But now its time for my Shea Moisture trials! YAY! *sprinkles essential oils*

After removing my braids, I shampooed with my Shea Moisture (SM) Moisture Retention Shampoo, did a deep treatment with the SM Anti-Breakage Masque then conditioned with SM Restorative Conditioner. I then used a bit of the same conditioner as my leave-in as well as some Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifer and sealed with a lil bit of coconut oil. I even snuck a bit of the SM Thickening Moisture Mist in there (yes, I was using everything!!)  I decided to try a bantu twist out (even though my hair is still super short) and used the SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curling Gel Souffle to twist my hair in small sections then bantu knotted them. The only downfall with these products is that they each have their own particular smell…and when piled on top of one another…oh boy! My sis called it “attempted murder” last night. I really did feel sorry for her!

In the morning I had a beautiful head of soft, moisturized, non-greasy 4C hair with just a bit of definition which, as you all know by now,  I prefer to a combed out afro. I wasn’t expecting full on curls. I know better than that 🙂  I’m happy with it and would definitely do again! My hair remained soft allllll day *hugs self and smiles widely*


Did my hair grow any? Don’t know. Don’t care! I am just so elated to have lovely soft hair (that needs a ton of work in the temple areas! – yes, I will have to work on that, I knowww) *-*  and I’m pretty happy with my hair overall =)

Here’s a lil pic showing how I achieved my slightly curly afro *-*

Bantu Twist OutsTo borrow (and slightly alter) a line from the cartoon Pinky & tThe Brain, “tomorrow, I will try to take over the coil!” #happy

Blessings and FABULOUS hair days curlies xo

4 thoughts on “2 Months Post BC – 7 Months Natural

  1. Ck says:

    Yes! Yes! Your hair has definitely grown. Its almost 3 weeks since I’m wearing my hair in the crochet braids. I washed them on Saturday with regular shampoo n it turned out great. I’m aiming for the 6 weeks. The SM gel souffle adds a lot of shine. I’m gonna try n purchase some of their products in a few months.

    Your hair is looking nice. Love it.

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thanks CK! I love your crochet braids and wish you all the best to that 6 week mark! I just used the gel to do some flat twists. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks for reading my blog x

  2. courtbelanger says:

    Love your Bantu Twist Outs! I also like how personable you are in your writing. 🙂 I really want to try out protective hairstyles, but I am not sure if my hair is long enough yet. I tired about a month ago and it was an epic fail. LOL. My fallback style right now has been wash and go’s. How long would you say your length is right now? How do you keep your hair from unraveling once you put these in? Thanks! Court B

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thanks, Courtney. My hair I’d just about 2″ stretched out. I have a really slow growth rate as its now been 7 months since my last relaxer. For the Bantu Knots, I simply pull them as tightly as possible. Not all of them hold but the majority does. You can try the brush coils or sponge twists that I have blogged about or even a 2 strand twist out as ur hair does look thick enough. I look forward to reading about ur progress as time goes by!

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