Review: Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding

I am trying really hard not to be sucked into the “Product Junkie” frenzy and it is impossible soooo hard! But I am super proud of myself for not yet yielding – at least not completely. Last week, I snagged me a jar of the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding as I have heard good things about it online and have wanted to try it for months so I finally gave in to that urge #don’tjudgeme *-*  I paid EC$35 for it and it comes with 15 oz of product so I would say that it was a good buy money wise as it has more product than my SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie and for quite a few dollars less. But, lest we forget the old saying…. ‘quality over quantity!’ This is my story.

I will never judge a product based on one-time usage so I made sure to try this product more than once in an effort to give a fair review. And here’s how this pudding curdles:

Elasta QP Curl Defining Pudding

At first sight, this pudding looks super thick but is actually much ‘lighter’ in consistency than it appears and runs through your hair easily. I saw instant kink definition so I am sure it would be great for wash and go’s (which I personally do NOT do). You are told to use the product generously, which I did, but after using on freshly washed hair, my twist outs had great definition but they were dry. Not crispy dry, but they definitely didn’t feel moisturized despite the fact that I used a leave-in conditioner and sealed prior to applying the product.

So attempt #1 – FAIL!

I tried again this time using my SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie under the Elasta QP Curl Defining Pudding and two stand twisted my hair. Next day, my twist outs were a little LESS dry to the touch but dry all the same; especially in the back.

So attempt #2 – FAIL!

I’m not sure what other way to use this product but I will definitely look up some reviews online to see how other persons used this product and what their experience was.

Personally, I think I would prefer a heavier pudding to give my twist outs some body that it is naturally lacking. Have you any suggestions? I would welcome your feedback!

I’m not going to give away this product just yet (I did get rid of the Cantu Leave-In Conditioner by pawning it off to my step mom – I think she is having better luck with it than I did). I will definitely try this product again to see if I end up with the same results and will let you guys know if I had any success!

Bottom line, this product gives awesome definition and may best be suited for someone who does not struggle with dry hair/moisture retention issues. For me, it gets only 2/5 afro puffs as it can define your twist outs/kinks….but the moisture, mannnnn, they need to work on that! 🙂

Do you use this product? Tell me how it worked for you!

UPDATE – November 2013

Attempt #3 – Semi-Success?

So I shingled the product into my hair the way I used to do with gel when I was using a texturizer. And, amazingly, my hair remained soft the entire day. I wore it in a shrunken afro with no head band or anything and my coils were defined and everything. What I do not remember, however, is if my hair was freshly washed or if I used it with another product (SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie) etc.

Will update again the next time I use it.


Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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