3 Months Post BC – 8 Months Natural

There is a saying that goes a little like this, “who don’t hair hear, will feel”. I did the awful and decided to color my hair – AGAIN. And what a sad day that was :( . I was still hungry for a color and fell in love with a bronzish-blond I saw on a friend with my skin tone. I wanted it. I had to have it! So a week ago, I stepped back into @Staci’s Salon and asked for it. She indicated that I may not get the color I wanted because of the previous permanent color I had in (red). As a hair stylish, I believe that she shd have said to me, “Nekisha, you will NOT get that color because your hair was bleached and colored red!”. That would have made me at least stop and think. She gave me the impression that there was a chance I would get the color I wanted. So, for that, I am disappointed.


That’s a pic of my hair prior to being colored. I was rocking a shrunken afro without a headband *audible gasp* =)  My hair had some nice length to it too.


So Staci went ahead and bleached my hair, applied the color, then bleached it AGAIN! There was no mirror in my chain of sight so i cld not see what was going on up there. In the end, this is what I was left with.

ColorColorFailureThe roots of my hair (new growth that was never colored or bleached) took the color I was aiming at while the red inflamed the rest of my hair. I was visibly distraught. I wore that hair once to work because I just cldnt stomach my wig and ppl wanted to know why I was walking around looking like Dennis Rodman 😀  It was bad, altho the camera made the hair look decent. Unfortunately, it was way too bright and so I ran to the beauty supply store, grabbed a box on Natural Black permanent hair dye and came home and did a little DIY. The next day I had my sister install my previously used Marley Braids (remember them from this post?).

After the bleach-color-bleach-color job I did on my hair, my kink pattern and texture of hair was shot to hell! My hair felt limp and just God-awful. So, the plan is to keep my hair braided for a few months so that they can catch themselves.

I learnt an invaluable lesson these last few weeks –

I look PERFECT the way I naturally am!

The black hair that grows out of my head is a color that matches me completely! Everyone has their own lesson to learn and I have learnt mine – at least for the most part!

As I will be braiding for a while, there will not be much to update my blog with so I may be MIA for a lil bit. See you soon, curlies xx

Marley braids

2 thoughts on “3 Months Post BC – 8 Months Natural

  1. Charity says:

    I love your braids! It’s good that you had to live with hair that you didn’t love for only a short while! Praise the Lord for black dye/rinses!! Are the sides of your hair still red or is that the photo playing tricks?

    You asked about editing programs, I have no clue! lol I only ever adjust the contrast on my photos or make them into black and white shots so a program like Gimp works for me. You can give it a try! I also have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom but that confuses me so much that I end up sticking to Gimp.Hope that helped! If you find any good ones let me know!

    • BlackZulu says:

      Hi Charity! That red spot is definitely a camera fault 🙂 Thanks @ the braids. I am loving Marley hair! “Re-use. Reduce. Recycle” and may I add SAVE! These babies will be on continuous re-use for a good while 😀

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