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Its been 4 weeks since I installed my Marley braids and their time has come to an end 🙂  But before I send them back to their resting place (my closet), I did what I normally do with my natural twist braids/marley braids – rocked a twist out for the final two days! And I LOVE IT! For those who are wondering, I am using the YA MAN! brand of Marley hair.

I got super defined twists and so much volume! It is just the cutest thing and so so pretty 🙂  (I hope you curlies agree too!) All you do is untwist the ends of your braids (if you started with 3 strand braids) and viola – BEAUTIFUL hair!

For the 4 weeks I kept these braids I did not wash my hair. I honestly just can’t be bothered *hides face* I did moisturize daily and used some Whipped Shea Butter on my scalp at regular intervals.

I go on holiday for a couple of weeks and I am planning to install some X-pressions waist length braids. I am going for a “thin braid look” as opposed to the thick single braid that everyone is in love with. Been there, done that, ain’t no way in hell I am doing that again! I had headaches for days with 5 packs of X-pressions. I plan to use only 3 packs. So keep an eye out for that post.

Solange Knowles is my inspiration for this in regards to thickness (but not quite that long!)


Happy hair days dolls x


My sister recently did a twist out on her natural twist braids and I just wanted to share the image with you curlies! Don’t ever fully remove your natural twist/marley braids before you try a gorgeous twist out! ❤