Eyebrow Tutorial for Dummies

I am by no means anywhere close to good at doing my makeup, but I can confidently say that I have conquered filling in my brows – to my standards. When I first got the technique down I remember being told by so many people how they loved my brows!

Now I have watched too many Youtube videos on how to get perfect brows and it ranged from pretty easy to completely  over complicated! But Youtuber JamaicanMakeUpArtist made it pretty easy for me. She keeps it real and she literally makes miracles happen!

Here is an easy way to get nicely shaped brows in just a few minutes. Kudos to the site preen.me which I found via Facebook.

Personally, I only use a dark brown eye liner to shape my brows and the same liner to fill. I then use a brow pencil to fade the front and that usually does the trick for me.

Hope this little tutorial helps you out because it most certainly did me!


1. Start off with clean eyebrows plucked & trimmed.

2. Use eyebrow pencil (Anastasia’s Beverly hill brow wiz pencil).

3. Draw desired shape.

4. Next fill in softly using brow pencil, then fill in with shadow (lightly in front & darker towards end).

5. Conceal edges to give a clean & crisp look & viola!

My brows

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