10 Tips for Ultra Defined Hair

Article by: Kimberly Ephraim

Ms Kimberly Ephraim shares her secrets for super defined hair in Natural Soul Sista…and I’m sharing it with you! Kimberly has a gorgeous head of 1 year old natural hair and she has been a natural hair diva every step of the way!


1. Ensure your hair is properly de-tangled before twisting

2. Use a defining product – shea butter, gels, curl creme etc. Don’t be stingy with your defining product.(side note shea butter minimizes shrinkage where as gels and curl enhancing creme tend to cause it)

3. Be sure to get the product through your entire section not just on the out layer, comb it though with a wide tooth comb our your fingers, this will cause your hair strands to clump and curls to pop!

4. Twist in small sections, the smaller the section the less separating needed = less possibility of frizz

5. Twist tightly

6.Try separating your sections only once

7. When separating your twists, do not separate hair that has already naturally clumped together

8. Settle for not so big and voluminous first day hair, dont worry your hair will get bigger on its own as the week progresses

9. When fluffing your roots to eliminate parts stay close to your scalp especially if you hair is short. Another option is to twist your roots loosely and tighten the twist on the length of your hair, fluffy roots eliminate parts on their own

10. Re-twist nightly or ‘pineapple’ your hair loosely to maintain definition


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