4-1/2 Months Post BC – 9-1/2 Months Natural

I’ve been MIA. I know. But remember I did say this in my last post after the disaster color attempt! So, right after rocking Marley braids for 4 weeks I went straight into some waist length box braids using the X-pressions braiding hair – which lasted a mere 2# weeks! The weight, once again, proved too heavy for my strands and after spending EC$51.80 on 4# pks of braids and EC$120.00 to have them braided – I cut those suckers out! I tried putting a pop of color at the back – which was a first – and that was slightly scary but overall, the braids were alright. They were great for my Office Xmas Party! Yea, there – they rocked!

Remember my Hair-spiration? Nothing quite as spectacular as Solonge’s, but they worked for me!

After removing those, I have been quietly embracing shrinkage. I met Island Girl Curls in the Supermarket yesterday and she was wondering what happened with my hair! Why wasn’t it longer? 😀  My hair grows at an extremely slow pace and I have come to accept that. I am embracing it, actually; otherwise, I will go mad with envy! My hair shrinks to half its length when unstretched and I have just been rocking it that way. I have been moisturizing daily with my DIY water mist [instant shrinkage!], then I apply SM Conditioner as a leave-in, rub in some SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie along with very little SM Curling Gel Souffle. I don’t comb my hair hair out unless I plan to do a twist out. I just rub in my products and band and go. Or I use my DIY sponge w/ holes (which need replacing) for a funky texture when I am going out (a little too funky for work – in my eyes!)

After about 5# days of no combing (after removing braids) I decided its time to do some stretching and took an hour or so to detangle and 3-strand plait my hair in big ‘granny bumps’. I used the same method as above. Make section, mist with water, apply leave-in condish, detangle, apply SM Smoothie then a touch of SM Gel, plait, next section. In the morning my hair was not completely dry so i used the blow dryer for about 3 – 4 minutes to help it along! I don’t get much definition from 3-strand plaits but I like that my hair gets stretched out so I was happy with it.

(I didn’t have the time to edit these photos so bear with me!)

I also did a banded twist out on the last day of work (Dec 20th) and felt all pretty *-* I pulled my hair up with the band the night before and 2-strand twist the hair after.

I’ve now gone back to my shrunken afro and will alternate between these 3 styles until I figure out what next. Just for the record, since I haven’t washed my hair in ages, on some days i just mist with water to reactivate the products that are already in my hair and seal with a touch of coconut oil.

Nekisha CD Lewis of BlackZulu
Off to the City for some Xmas shopping!

I will post some comparison pics in a separate post to show that my hair is indeed growing…albeit, at its own pace =)  Until then, my hair is crying out for a wash (have not washed or co-washed since I removed braids!) so that is high on my agenda; however, Christmas shopping and a week with my niece over is also crying out for attention.

Happy hair days lovelies! xx



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