…as 2013 Draws to a Close | Year in Review

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the challenges, adventures and misadventures I have encountered hair-wise for 2013. This year started out rough. I relaxed a good/OK head of hair in December of 2012 and lived to regret it. Fast forward to December 31st 2013 and it has been —-> BC – color – bleach & color – color – bleach/color/bleach – color – weird color hair! I am ending the year on a sad note -hair wise- as yesterday the ghost of bad hair days haunted me into trying a dark chocolate brown instead of the black I went into the store to purchase 😦

With all the bleaching my hair went through in the 5 months since I BC, even the black permanent dye seem to fade into a dull looking color; which was depressing me so in an effort to give it LIFE I was going to give it another coat of black. Instead, my idle hands picked up a dark chocolate brown dye….and I now have a head of [still] dull looking hair. I told myself yesterday that apparently I will never learn! I knew better yet I didn’t do better. Its a lesson we all have to learn on our own because no amount of naturals telling you to go easy on the coloring will ever get thru to you until you fall so hard that you just have to sit and catch your breath for a moment before tackling the task of getting back up.

But, alas, my lesson has been learnt. After the torture I have put my hair thru it is unlikely that i will ever be able to color my hair properly unless I cut them all off and start afresh. That thought is very daunting so I will have to learn to love the black upon my head and give the coloring (other than black) a break.

I am disappointed in many of the decisions I made hair wise this year, but I can’t say I truly regret any. I satisfied my craving to experiment [albeit to the detriment of my hair]  but I needed to experience that. I needed to satisfy the hunger inside me to try something new/different. Unfortunately it didn’t ever work to my benefit but now I know better and will do better.

For 2014 I plan to do just that – BETTER!

Wishing all my curlfriends STRONG, HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL hair for 2014. May conditioners and moisturizers be your best of friends and may length and health be yours!

A blessed 2014 to all xx


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