DIY: Cover Button Earrings

Everyone knows that one way to enhance your look is to add a bit of accessories to the mix. I personally do not wear a lot of jewelry; my accessories starts and ends with a pair of earrings! And when it comes to my having natural hair, I tend to lean more towards earrings that have a bit of funk going on. Insert DIY Cover Button Earrings!

Blue stripe cover button earrings

DIY Cover Button Earrings

I saw these on YouTube a couple years ago and fell in loveeeee. These little cuties have been taking by storm with many crafters creating and selling these earrings in so many interesting prints. They come in up to 7# different sizes ranging from tiny (as I’m wearing in the photo above) to jumbo (as I’m wearing in photos below) so there is definitely something for everyone.

The great thing about them is that they are super easy to create, fun to make and looks amazing when worn. They are unique, different and gives your look an awesome ‘pop’ 🙂


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blank cover buttons –  you can find these at your local crafts store or online at Cutie Stuffs on Etsy. Generally, cover button earrings come with a ‘hook’ of sort at the back which you will need to remove with a pliers. To save time and elbow grease, I went for those w/o the hook as they were just about the same price. They are called ‘flat backs’. This makes life easy when attaching the earring post. For my followers in Antigua, Lolita’s sells the small cover buttons in packs of 3 or 4.
  • Cover button tool – this is a small tool used to create the covered button and are sometimes sold in a kit with the cover buttons. You need this little gadget to make your cover buttons. For my followers in Antigua, the kits at Lolita’s comes with this tool. The are also available at Cutie Stuffs on Etsy.
  • Fabric – any scrap fabric you have works fine or you can purchase fabric you like in small quantities. I purchased all of my fabrics in 1/4 yard increments for very little.
  • Earring posts & back – you can pick these up in any craft store or online at Cutie Stuffs as well.  These comes in various sizes and you want to get a decent size depending on how big your buttons are. I would skip over the very tiny posts as I believe the more flat bed you have the better the gluing will be.
  • Metal glue – I used E-6000 Industrial Strength glue for my earrings and have had great success with it.

The process:

There are 101 Youtube videos on how to make button earrings and here’s the one that convinced me to try this myself.

The more interesting the fabric, the more authentic your earrings will be. I made several pairs of earrings but my absolute favorite was the leopard print. That became my signature earring for sure 🙂 Here are a few more pics of some others I made.

What are you waiting for, ladies? Go make some funky cover button earrings for yourself! Do drop me a line if you do make some of your own. I would love to see them!

Enjoy and until next time – stay beautiful x

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