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I posted this as part of a longer post but wanted to give it it’s own space so that it may be easier to find for any naturals searching.

One way to show your length is to do a style that stretches your tresses 🙂  I do a lot of sponge curls/twists that does not show the true length of my hair; so when I want to “show off” my growing tresses one of the styles I go for is a braid out. Its easy and there’s no need for them to be anything close to perfect! I call them ‘granny bumps’ because they are big and ugly initially but they do the trick and that’s all that matters *-* Here’s my process!

3-Strand Twist Out for Work

3-Strand Braid Out

  1. Make a section. You don’t even have to use a comb to part. The uneven parts are easier to hide too!
  2. Mist section with water/moisturizer
  3. Apply a dab of leave-in conditioner to section (Here’s a great pH-balanced recipe)
  4. Detangle
  5. Apply your favorite styling product; I use a bit of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and a touch of the Gel Souffle
  6. 3-strand plait the section of hair
  7. Repeat until entire hair is braided
  8. Cover with satin cap before bed or sleep on a satin pillow case
  9. Untwist in the morning and you have beautifully defined, stretched out kinks!


  • If your hair is not completely dry in the morning, use a the blow dryer for about 3 – 4 minutes to help it along!
  • You can use mini curl rods on the ends if you would like your ends to have a soft/slight curl
  • Add accessories like a headband to pull your hair away from your face or a flower/rose on one side. Get creative! (I have a declining hairline, or rather, a very high forehead so I am trying to avoid pulling my hair back all the time)


I don’t get so much definition from 3-strand plaits but I like that my hair gets stretched out so I am happy with it.