Marley Braids – Simple Halo Bun

I have never done much with my marley braids in way of styling. All I was ever interested in was being able to pull my hair into a high bun; but recently I have been getting bored of it and have ventured towards a modified version which is super simple yet very chic *-*

Halo Bun

For this, all you need is an elastic band, hair pins and any form of accessory.

  1. Put band around head and pull upwards around braids to form what could be considered a giant bun.
  2. Arrange hair around elastic band the way you would for a regular bun
  3. Wrap hair around elastic band as you would a regular bun and pin in place
  4. Add accessory of choice for an extra umph! I used a handmade Ankara cloth rose.

I have also done a Janelle Monae inspired style that was also really easy to do. Many video’s are available on Youtube for this style as I didn’t take photos from different angles. It is truly an easy DIY!

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