6 Months Post BC – 11 Months Natural

Hi curlies! Its been about a month and a half since I did my last hair update; but that’s simply because I had been rocking some Marley braids for exactly 4 weeks. If you’ve been following me, you would remember I mentioned that on the very last day of 2013 I became haunted and used a chocolate brown dye in my hair (why, Nekisha, why?)  It was an epic fail hence my hiding under my Marley braids.

Fast forward 4 weeks, braids have been removed and I STILL did not like the brown colored hair. My hair almost just blended with the rest of me… One of my co-workers (male) looked at me and said, “your hair matches your skin. Something’s wrong.” Of course I let him know that his opinion of my hair was irrelevant (!!!) but it only confirmed my desire to return to black hair! So I did it yet again – dyed my hair – again! I have never been so happy to see black hair on my head! Sweet Jesus, I was so happy!

Color Comparison

Brown hair on left; black on right.

Needless to say, my curl pattern is shot to hell and my hair texture feels weird to the touch but I will just have to love my hair back to health because I simply could not do with the brown hair.

I was reckless with my dye application (mainly because I had dyed all my baby/fine hair around my forehead that horrid brown so I needed to get them back to black). But I did not anticipate the strength of the Creme of Nature Intense Black dye and managed to stain my forehead and nape of neck – like serious “can’t-leave-your-house-looking-like-that” stained! After a quick search on Dr Google, I found that alcohol easily takes care of that issue. I used my face cleansing astringent which first ingredient is alcohol as I did not have any rubbing alcohol on hand. Worked like a charm!


Now I’m happy with my black hair tho my growth had been retarded by those color applications *sigh*  Consequences. I can’t even be mad. However, I have just started a Castor Oil Challenge this week. Castor oil is great for hair growth and thickening so I am keeping my fingers crossed!



Hugs & Kisses Curlies!

3 thoughts on “6 Months Post BC – 11 Months Natural

  1. nafisah says:

    Gawd! I really love the way your hair comes out as a curly puff!! It’s very nice. I just found out we big chopped same month. I turned 6 months natural 2 days back but I’m currently 10 months natural. I just can’t wait to hit my 1 year milestone. Castor oil truly does help with edges, you can try odorless garlic oil too straight from the capsules. I always incorporate it in my deep conditioning and scalp massage routines.

    • BlackZulu says:

      I don’t like a combed out puff so I take the time to twist or plait in my hair at nights and undo in the mornings. I don’t tend to get a real well-defined twist out so I tend to just add some curl enhancing smoothie to my ends after I undo my twists to get my curly “puff” 🙂
      Thanks for the tip on the garlic oil. I know garlic is great on a whole so will def keep an eye out for it!
      Now that I know we have the same napi-versary, I will def keep an eye out for you anniversary post 🙂 xx

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