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If you are having issues with moisture retention post cleansing then an oil rinse may prove beneficial for your hair. After a shampoo or cowash, I would use a leave-in and then seal with an oil. I would proceed to use my SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie before twisting my hair. The next day, I wound untwist dry hair 😦 EVERY TIME. I had basically resigned myself to dry next-day hair after cleansing since I had tried sealing with several different oils as well as shea butter but always with the same results.

One day, I saw an image about oil rinsing on Facebook and decided to try it. Let me tell you, the difference is real! The first time I did it was the day before installing my last set of Marley braids and I did not pay any attention to if it made a difference. But I have tried it on 3# occasions recently (after 2 shampoos and 1 co-wash) and each time my next-day hair had retained moisture! And for me, that most certainly is a big deal so oil rinsing will definitely be a keeper!

Here’s the dirty on oil rinsing:

Oil rinsing is an extra step added to your wash regimen where you add oil to your hair after you shampoo but before you condition. Oil rinsing is different from mixing oils into your deep conditioner because the oil is added to the hair itself; and is considered different from a hot oil treatment because that is done prior to shampoo while oil rinsing is done in the middle.

Benefits of oil rinsing includes:

  • moisture retention
  • easier detangling
  • reduction/elimination of single strand knots
  • frizz eliminator
  • smooth, soft hair
  • natural shine enhancer

How to do an oil rinse:

  1. Thoroughly soak hair with water and shampoo
  2. Rinse
  3. Coat hair in your favorite oil (I use Castor Oil as I am currently on a Castor Oil Challenge)
  4. Apply conditioner over the oil
  5. Let sit for 3 – 5 minutes
  6.  Rinse
  7. Apply leave-in and style as desired


  • You can choose to rinse the oil from your hair with warm water before applying your conditioner
  • Great oil options are EVOO, coconut oil and avocado oil
  • Detangle after applying the conditioner; will be a breeze

Here’s a great video found on YouTube showing the steps for doing an oil rinse:

If you are struggling with moisture retention, definitely give this baby a try. What can it hurt, right? You have nothing but a handful of oil to lose but everything to gain if you try it and it works for you!

Have you tried oil rinsing? What has been your experience? Let me know in the comment section below! Happy hair days curlies xx

PS – this is the image I saw on Facebook that got me started on this.