TWA Style #7 – Flat Twist Out w/ Side Part

I have fallen in love with this style – a flat twist out with a side part. It comes out GORGEOUS every time and I just had to share it with you curlies. What I love about this style is that its so easy and it doesn’t matter how crooked your twists are! I also love the “rustic” African look it gives me.

How GORG are those pics?! Like seriously 🙂

And just because I’m loving my 4C hair, here’s two more 🙂  My hair texture is on full display. 4C FABulous! haha (I’m happy today)

I swear that all my styles use the same products and almost always the same steps. I love soft hair so I almost never use a holding gel. I love touching my hair and feeling its softness on my finger tips. Here’s what I do:

Flat Twist Out w/ Side Part

  1. Start with moisturized hair
  2. Create the side part and clip hair away
  3. Part hair to desired size; start anywhere you like (I use my fingers)
  4. Apply your favorite styling product; I use a bit of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and a touch of the Gel Souffle
  5. Detangle for smooth twisting
  6. Flat twist section
  7. Repeat until entire hair is twisted
  8. Cover with satin cap before bed or sleep on a satin pillow case
  9. Untwist in the morning, use a comb pick to lift roots and fluff with finger to desired look; keeping the side part intact.
Flat Twist - Before

Pretty twists, right? *haha*

All Twisted Out

All twisted out!

Here are a few more pics. Every flat twist out will be unique. Your curl may differ slightly but it will always be beautiful. I had a few ladies stop me on the street to say they liked my hair. That truly does warm a girl’s heart.

Because I don’t use gel to firm up my twists, the definitions last no more than two days so on day two, I rub some leave-in conditioner in the palm of my hand and rub it on my ends to bring back some of the curls. I then lift my roots again with a comb pick and then use my fingers to fluff.

On the third day, I normally pull an elastic band around my head.


Enjoy curlfriends xx

2 thoughts on “TWA Style #7 – Flat Twist Out w/ Side Part

  1. NEKISHA Hinnant says:

    Hi Nekisha, first I would like to say I thought I was the only one with this unique spelling of our name. Loving your hair I just did the bc in September and now that I have enough hair I’m trying this hairstyle out. Hopefully it turns out as beautiful as yours is.

    • BlackZulu says:

      Hi NEKISHA! Very rare to find a Nekisha with the same spelling indeed 🙂 Glad my blog has given a bit of inspiration. Hoping the style does come out beautifully – but remember, when it comes to natural hair, ‘every spoil is a style’ 😉 Enjoy your journey x

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