MY Castor Oil Challenge – 1 Month Update

Its been one month since I started my Castor Oil Challenge and so, as promised, I am here to update you on my progress. See the original post here.

First, I have to admit that thinking I could take on the ULTIMATE level of this challenge was a challenge in itself! 🙂  I knew castor oil was too heavy a oil for my fine strands but I really wanted to do the ultimate level. However, after just one week of using castor oil for 5 of those days , it was clear that I simply could not continue to do so. There was just too much oil on my strands…even tho I tried to use as little as possible.

So, update #1 is that I have downgraded to the ADVANCE level of the challenge – applying castor oil to my scalp up to 3 times a week. The way I compensated for having to abandon the ultimate level is that I now ONLY use castor oil as my oil of choice in my hair. Whatever it is I need oil for, its castor oil I reach for. A fair trade if you ask me.

So here is how I have been incorporating castor oil into my hair care regimen:

  • Applying castor oil to scalp 3 days a week as per challenge rules
  • Oil rinsing with castor oil during my wash process
  • Adding castor oil to my deep conditioner as per challenge rules
  • Using castor oil to seal hair after moisturizing
  • Using castor oil to make my DIY KimmayTube’s Leave-In Conditioner
  • Using castor oil in my DIY Hair Mist

That’s a lot of castor oil, right! So, technically, I could probably say I am still on the ULTIMATE challenge level, right? 😀

Here are my progress photos one month apart. The first thing you will notice is that my hair color is different (remember I dyed them back to black on the same day I started this challenge)

Left Side_2

Left: Feb 2014 | Right: Mar 2014

Right Side_2

Left: Feb 2014 | Right: Mar 2014


Left: Feb 2014 | Right: Mar 2014


Left: Feb 2014 | Right: Mar 2014

I honestly didn’t expect to see any noticeable increase in growth within my first month of this challenge…and I haven’t. The only difference I see in the photos is the way I am holding the tip of the hair. In my Feb photos, you can see the very tip of my hair past my fingers. So although there appear to be a teeny weeny bit of difference in length, I have contribute dthat to the fact that in my March photos, I am now holding the very tip of my hair (hope I didn’t confuse anyone!)

What I have noticed, tho, is that my hair looks slightly thicker (my gf commented that it does indeed look thicker) and my hair is much softer and remains moisturized much longer than it used to.

The slightly thicker look and the softness I contribute directly to my use of castor oil; but I cannot say for sure if its the castor oil that has helped me to retain moisture longer or if it is the OIL RINSING method that I have recently incorporated into my wash cycle. I am thinking its the oil rinsing method 🙂

But either way, there has not been one day that I have had dry hair! How crazy is that? It looks like my dry hair days could be behind me at last! My hair has been continually soft and moisturized and I am such a happy camper! #allsmiles

pGNC1-2331521dtGoing into month 2, I have a confession to make. I just received my order of 2-month supply of GNC Ultra Nourishing Hair capsules. I was looking at Hairfinity but decided to try the GNC brand as people have said it is “just as good/effective” as Hairfinity and it is wayyyyyy cheaper! I bought mine on the GNC Ebay store as the prices there were cheaper than their official website, not to mention they had free shipping 🙂  Getting them to Antigua, now that’s another story!

Because I will now be taking this supplement to aid my hair growth, I will not be able to contribute any growth gained over the next two months sorely to the castor oil. I will have to factor in these hair pills.

I can’t wait to see how these pills works! See you curlies in a month when I do another update on what will be renamed my Castor Oil/GNC Ultra Nourish Hair Growth Challenge!

Happy hair day curlfriends x


9 thoughts on “MY Castor Oil Challenge – 1 Month Update

    • BlackZulu says:

      That sounds like a great plan! I try to concentrate a 30-sec massage at my temples with castor oil as often as I can. Good luck and happy transitioning 🙂 See you on this side soon!

  1. naturalsara says:

    Wow, nice growth. This castor oil challenge seems to be doing you well. I wonder how fast it would grow if you did that & took some Biotin too.

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thanks Sara, but I must say I don’t think there has been any growth. I do have a bottle of 5 mg biotin that I take every other day but I do lapse some days. I did take biotin for 2 months when I first big chopped and on its own, I’m not sure how much it helped :-/ However, my month 2 update will tell the tale as the GNC hair pills is suppose to be something good (and includes biotin 1200 mcg of biotin in the list of ingredients). I have already accepted that my hair grows twice as slow as everyone else haha

  2. The RoyalTee Affairs says:

    Hey Zu! First off because your hair is thicker it is growing and I’d say pretty fast. I mean one month and those photos you certainly notice how thick your hair has gotten. Awesome! Everyone’s hair grows differently. Some grows slower than others. That’s just life. I would suggest using less castor oil when applying to your scalp. Bing that castor oil is a thick oil it will tend it clog the pores which will slow down the growth(Length) process. Also try and gently massage your scalp once a day. Doing this helps increase the circulation and blood flow which helps to stimuLte the follicles helping to promote growth. Keep up the amazing work and can’t to see the next update.

    • BlackZulu says:

      Self scalp massages are so tedious *sigh* I think I will look into finding a simple head massager. Thanks for the idea! 🙂
      I have decreased my use of castor oil but I also try to be consistent co-washing mid week to get rid of the buildup of oil.
      I am also looking forward to month 2; esp because of my new hair pills 😀 I am also going to cornrow my hair because I think my hair will benefit from not being out as much so def looking forward to my first cornrow on Tuesday!
      Thanks for the tips curlie! x

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