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I just wanted to stop in and wish myself a…

Happy 1-Year Nappiversary!

*sprinkles essential oils – everywhere*

Its been a year for learning and embracing. My hair is now in a good place – #healthy, #moisturized, #happy.

Sometimes, make that a lot of the times, my hair appears to be stagnant…like they’re not growing. They generally shrink to roughly half their length and sometimes 1/4 of their length but thats just because of how I style them – curly afro. It hurts a little when ppl ask if my hair’s not growing or if its not so long ago I cut my hair. But what can I say? Its just life! I just smile it off.

However, I can’t wait to see my progress in Year 2!

Wish me luck curlies xx


I was trying to get the same facial expression #fail