Protective Style Challenge: Month 1

Hello Curlies! I have not yet finished one challenge before I’m jumping into another…and you know what? That’s quite alright 🙂 Say hello to my Protective Style Challenge!

Protective Style Challenge - Month 1

Protective Style Challenge – Month 1

I have been growing attire of having my hair out for the past few months. I have been diligently applying my Castor oil to my scalp and hair as well have been religiously taking my hair vitamins and I find that the best way to ensure that I give my hair its best chance at retaining length would be to go on a protective style challenge.

I did not see my constant twisting and retwisting and just wearing my hair out on an everyday basis being beneficial to my growth. I have noticed that I have gained some length within the last month as when I am doing my two-strand twist, the twists are visibly longer. I did, however, forget to take length check pics prior to installing my cornrows 😦  I blame it on the flu I have been battling for the past week.

My Protective Style Challenge is simple – I am simply aiming for 3 months of constant protective styling. I have chosen cornrows as my main protective style and am keeping my fingers crossed that I see significant growth within that period. I am hoping to keep each style for at minimum 1 month. More if possible.

These are my intended plan for taking care of my protective styles:

I will admit from now that I will not be washing my hair while it braided. I have never been able to do the wash routine while braided so I don’t see myself starting now. Call me nasty but I will just have to take it 😀  I do not sweat a lot in general so I do not worry about sweating in my head.

So my protective style challenge is as simple as that!

Here is a photo of the inspiration pic that I based my style on. I don’t have near enough hair to get it to look exactly like this but I think my stylist did a good enough job. I do, however, wish she had paid more attention to the size of each braid so that they would be more consistent on each side. That was my only disappointment with the style.


I used kanekolen braids to get the bigger plaits and recycled Marley hair for the spirals.

I have created a collage of cornrow hairstyles and have saved them as a page on my site for future reference! Go have a look if you’re feeling for some Hairspiration: Cornrows. Feel free to send me photos of your cornrow styles to add to the page!

Have you done a Protective Style Challenge recently? Currently on one? Let me know what you did and how beneficial it was to you! I would love to know!

Happy hair days curlies xx

15 thoughts on “Protective Style Challenge: Month 1

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thank you, Dionne. These are my first set of cornrows in my adult life and I am in love with them! I’m excited to pick out new styles for the next few months. Thanks for stopping by my page xx

  1. janelorraine says:

    When I first went natural, I kept my hair in cornrows for 2 years! I love this style, I have to copycat it and try it for myself. It is so beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • janelorraine says:

      My hair was growing so fast that they only lasted about 1 1/2 weeks before I had to have them re-braided! I was lucky because my sister is a hair stylist and she would braid my hair anytime I needed her to. Thanks for the link to the additional hair styles!

    • BlackZulu says:

      Ur so lucky indeed! I had to pay EC$70 for this style and I don’t think it will last past 2# weeks 😦 So I will have to find another protective style soon!

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