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Cornrows - Wk2

I love the “Janelle Monae” look and rearranged my marley hair to achieve the style. I watched a couple Youtube videos and did it myself 🙂  Looking at this pic, I am in awe of how amazing cornrows can look (I had my mind set against them initially but so glad I got over that because I am loving them so much!)

My birthday was on Wednesday of last week (2nd April) and I was off to a post birthday lunch with my sisters. 28 definitely looks good on me haha

Changing up the center style also gives this style a fresh new look. I don’t think I will make it to 4 weeks with the same set of cornrows but my heart is set on getting at least 3# weeks wear out of them!

Are you a fan of cornrows? Feel free to share your experience/photos with me xx