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Enter week 3 of my protective style challenge! I took down my original corn rows last Thursday night; washed and treated my hair and left them to ‘rest’ for 2 days. I had my sister plait my hair on Sunday afternoon in a simple pineapple style then I came home and twisted some marley hair on the ends to create the bun.


Its pretty simple but I didn’t have the finances to get my hair done all fancy again twice in one month! And my sister can’t do invisible plait so that my plaits were fatter but such is life.

Personally, I hate exposing my forehead and prefer styles that cover said forehead but it is what it is! I admit that my bun is more than a tad bit on the big side but I HAD to be able to see it properly once facing forward #igotforeheadissues. Howeever, I’m making it work for me right now and I just hope that they can last 2 weeks as well.

So, protective style challenge – so far so good πŸ˜€