My Wash Cycle

Wash Cycle

I have built up the following weekly wash cycle for cleansing my hair and it works pretty well for me so I’m sharing what I do with you today.

Because my hair is still relatively short, my wash cycle has not become burdensome or tiring. I keep it simple yet try to be consistent in order to keep my results consistent.

1. Pre-Poo / Detangle


My hair is normally in some sort of twist out so on wash day, they tend to be more than a tad bit of a tangled mess. I have started to saturate my hair from root to tip with a mix of conditioner* (cheapie version) and olive oil. That combo works great for finger detangling.

I generally leave it in for about 10 – 15 minutes max after finger detangling for no other reason than I feel like it 😀 For times when I do actually have work to do, I just cover with a shower cap and let sit for as long as it takes for me to get my work done and ready to wash my hair.

*the Tresemme Naturals would not be considered a cheapie conditioner but I purchased it with high hopes and they all fell flat! This conditioner does not soften my hair on contact nor is it easy to run my fingers thru my hair with it alone; hence the need for an oil. This is why it is not my everyday rinse out conditioner. I will later switch to a V05 condish (cheap) for this step.

2.  Cleanse

Shea Moisture Shampoo

I hate the feel of my hair when shampoo touches it; but I still feel the need to thoroughly cleanse my scalp at least once a week. Some naturals prefer to follow the Curly Girl Method and use only conditioner to cleanse their hair. Some companies have also developed conditioner cleansers which should be a little gentler on your hair. Perhaps I will try a bottle of that once my shampoo is finished (Year 2018 by the looks of it!)

Other alternatives are shampoo bars or African Black Soap.

I tend to do two quick rounds of shampoo; one to get the build up out of my hair and the second to really clean my scalp.

3.  Deep Treat


I either use a deep treatment or a deep conditioner after every shampoo and sit under my heat cap anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. Never more. I alternate between the SM Deep Treatment Masque, SM Anti-Breakage Masque or the Motions Naturally You Deep Conditioning Masque.

I have become a fan of adding 2 Tbsp of coconut milk to my deep treatments/conditioners as I have had great results with it. My hair is noticeably softer when I add it to the mix.

I also add 2 tsp of Castor Oil; tho any carrier oil may be used.

4.  Condition

hh cond

I always use a conditioner on my hair; even after using a deep conditioner. Why? Because most deep treatments/conditioners does not soften my hair on contact. The right conditioner does. And that’s an effect that I like to end my wash cycle with! I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and it has been doing a good job so far.

5.  Oil Rinse


I have grown quite fond of oil rinsing and include it in every wash cycle. I find it helps my hair retain moisture longer.

I tend to use EVOO as that is the oil I have more of 🙂

6.  Leave-In Conditioner


After I have completed my wash cycle, I never forget to add my leave-in conditioner to my hair. My leave-in of choice is the KimmayTube’s ph-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner using the Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner as the base. I just loooooveeeeee that stuff!

7.  Seal

JB Castor Oil

After I apply my leave-in, I seal that moisture in with an oil of my choice. Right now, I am on a JB Castor Oil high so that’s the one I use. You can use your favorite oil or a butter to seal in moisture.

8.  Moisturize


The final step of my wash cycle is moisturizing my hair with a cream; pretty much I follow the LOC Method. I use my all time fav product – SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie! So far, it has worked wonders in helping my hair retain moisture and feeling soft to the touch. My dry hair days are farrrrr behind me since I found this product 🙂

I apply this to each section of hair as I either two strand twist or flat twist my hair and leave to dry.

Reading it may sound like an eye-full (haha) but it truly doesn’t take an immense amount of time. I know that Sunday is wash day so in between chores, I get started so no time is wasted. While I am pre-pooing, I am prepping dinner. While dinner is on the fie I am shampooing/conditioning my hair etc etc etc.

What is your wash cycle like?

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