Regrow Your Edges – Naturally!


I was on Facebook a few days ago when I saw one of my Natural Soul Sistas sharing her edge regrowth story in the group. Knowing how difficult it is to regrow our edges, I absolutely had to share! Michelle-Lée Williams started experiencing severe breakage in her nape and hairline areas in February due to excessively tight protective styling. She decided to do some research and committed to regrowing the hair in these areas as well as maintaining the new growth to ensure that they remain strong and healthy.

Michelle-Lée is presently transitioning to natural and keeps her hair in protective styles to make it easier to deal with the two textures.

This is her story.

M-Lee Before & After

Front Hairline – Before & After

“I started my edge regrowth journey in early March. While searching on Youtube, I came across a few videos that shared important tips and advice on how to regrow your hair at the temples and nape as well as how to prevent hair loss from occurring in these areas. My biggest decision was to make a commitment to desist from using combs or brushes on my edges. I then adopted a regimen specifically for my edges.

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Our line of tees are now available! Click to shop Black Zulu Apparel

My edge care regimen is as follows:


  • I incorporate little to no hairline or nape hairs into my protective styles; I wear these loose hair in flat twists to seal in moisture and to avoid unnecessary snagging.
  • I moisturize my edges following the “LCO Method” [Liquid.Cream.Oil] at least 3-4 times per week. I mist my edges and nape with water, apply a small amount of shea butter mix then finish with a bit of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I then retwist them into flat twists to keep them protected.
  • I use a satin scarf to protect my edges at bed time.
Nape Area - Before & After

Nape Area – Before & After

I am not currently taking any vitamins or supplements.”

Here is the Video that taught Michelle-Lée her moisturizing technique:

Here is a photo of Michelle’s flat twisted edges that she excludes from her protective styles.

Edges excluded from Protective Styles

Edges excluded from Protective Styles

Needless to say, I was super impressed with her progress and will be attempting her moisturizing process on my edges. I may even try flat twisting them nightly to keep them protected.

I really hope this helps a fellow natural. Rest assured that your hairline can grow back. You simply have to make the commitment and be consistent with it.

Have you had trouble with your hairline? What processes did you adopt to regrow your edges?


Our line of tees are now available! Click to shop Black Zulu Apparel

6 thoughts on “Regrow Your Edges – Naturally!

  1. Anthea S Thomas says:

    I am happy that her edges are growing back. I had problem with my edges for many years. In some areas I have bald spot and in others baby fine hair. I was applying raw onion juice and I saw a big difference but I did not keep up with it. I think I will try flat twisting along with the castor oil to see how it works.

    • BlackZulu says:

      I have heard so many people talk about onion juice and how much it helped, but I simply cannot imagine doing that myself! The smell of onion is one that I personally dislike. I have been using JB castor oil and rosemary oil on my edges along with 30 second massages when apply the oils. Its all about consistency. Good luck with your edge regrowth journey 🙂

  2. nafisah says:

    The horizontal braiding method really does work for retaining nape hair length. Always did it on my napes while I was transitioning cause I have very fine delicate strands there.

    • BlackZulu says:

      I can imagine it does help. I had flash backs of so many children with two cornrows down the front of their hair while the rest of their hair was either braided in a style or just pulled up in a ponytail. Our parent knew to protect our edges that way.

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