Recycling Marley Braids: The Wash Process

Recycling Marley Braids

I love marley braids. They are hands down my favorite type of braid extension. I purchased 5# packs online almost a year ago and baby, they are still going strong! I have used them on numerous occasions – over and over again. That is precisely what I love about them – they are re-usable.

This weekend, I took to giving them a wash and thought I would share that with you, just in case any of you were crazily tossing your used marley braids out!! 😀

The easiest way to wash these babies is to twist them into larger braids as seen below.


All you need are:

  • Conditioner
  • Hot water

Pour hot water into a bowl or container and mix in some conditioner. Add braids and wash as you would your hair. Depending on how dirty your braids are, you may need to change your water once or twice.

I was using a small container so I had to change my water twice for it to run clear.

Lay them out to dry and voila! – clean braids to use all over again!

Simply untwist the big twists and separate into single strands and reuse as desired.

Here are some throwback pics of how I have used (the same) set of marley braids over and over again from small single braids to jumbo havana twist to rocking a fierce braid out. Amazing, yes?

I will be posting a follow up post as to how I go about reusing the hair after I have untwisted them.

Do you reuse your marley hair or do you trashed them after one use?

5 thoughts on “Recycling Marley Braids: The Wash Process

    • Nekisha CD Lewis says:

      Hi Nina! I am definitely betting you sure can reuse your kinky twists! Sounds to me like they are still in good condition so just give them a good wash and rinse and let dry completely then reinstall. Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  1. Bianca says:

    Omg I love this! Just what I was looking for. But soon I’ll be taking my crochet braids out and putting them back in a few days after and I was wondering how do I keep the texture? I want the hair to still look fresh.

    • Nekisha CD Lewis says:

      Hi Bianca,
      I’m not a great big fan of marley hair for crochet as mine has always frizzed up like nobody’s business. So I can’t give any advice on how to maintain the texture so that it looks fresh. So sorry!

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