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Congratulations to me! Congratulations to me! Congratulations, congratulationsssssss, congratulations to meeeeee! Yay! I have just completed my 3 Months Castor Oil Challenge and I, for one, am super proud of myself! Challenges takes dedication and I am so happy that I was able to stick with it 🙂 The challenge was easy enough as I simply put aside all other oils for the duration and focused only on JBCO.  My real challenge was actually taking the photos to post! Ha!

For my final month, I continued to use castor oil 3 – 4 times a week. I had cornrows for a couple weeks and Havana Twists as well so that made application easy. I didn’t change anything in my regimen since my last update so without further ado, here are my final photos showing where I started and how much growth I achieved over the last 3 months.

Front View

Front View


Left Side


Right Side

Back View

Back View

Again, bear in mind that I used a hair vitamin for 6 weeks of this challenge.

Presently, the very front of my hair is 4.5” in length. I didn’t measure my hair length in February but eyeballing it, it looks like my hair grew just about 1”. On average, hair grows ½” per month so I should have attained at least 1.5”; not to mention that I used the GNC Hair vitamins for 6 weeks of the 3-month challenge duration.

My hair truly does grow at a snail’s pace….but at the end of the day, it is my hair and I have grown to accept it. My hair feels healthy and happy and that’s all the matters, right? 🙂

So now that I have completed this challenge, I will not be using castor oil to the extent that I have been. It will remain a part of my regimen but I think I will use it mixed with the lighter coconut oil to get a good balance going forward.

Overall, the challenge was worth it. My hair is healthy and beautiful and I would recommend it to any natural any day!

What challenges have you undertaken to encourage hair growth? Was it successful?