Natural Spotted: Tara


I went to grab a bite to eat before a day time movie with my sisters last weekend and spotted this beautiful sista sporting a shaved cut that was freaking FANTASTIC! I couldn’t help but stop and grab a few shots of her.

Her name is Tara and she works in the Accounts Dept at an Insurance company. When I showed these images to my sister, she commented that the cut was indeed fantastic BUT it was not “professional”.

What do you ladies think?

Personally, I think it is taboo for an office employee to carry such a drastic cut for the workplace, but how much longer are we to suppress our creativity/individuality in an effort to conform to what society deems as normal?

I love that she has made such a bold move and one day hope I can be so bold because I love that look but bwoy am I afraid to try it 😀

Happy Tuesday Curlies xx

5 thoughts on “Natural Spotted: Tara

  1. aleciavanee says:

    I have never seen anyone with this haircut work in an office, but at the same time I wouldn’t be shocked. I wish we did not have to suppress our individuality in order to conform to our societies norms.

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