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High Bun

Hey Curlies! So a few days ago I managed to pull my hair into a semi-high bun with a pompadour and wasn’t sure I could get them into a full fledged high bun. But, low and behold – I DID! I am soooo ecstatic!

I was asked how I managed this feat on my length hair so I photographed the process to share with you guys. Here goes:

High Bun on Short Natural Hair

What you need:

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brush
  • Eco-styler gel (or gel of choice)
  • Satin scarf
  • 2# Elastic bands
  • Marley hair
  • Bobby pins (optional)
  • Hair Pins

The Process:




Personally, I do no like gel in my hair because it tends to lend to drier hair but I do love the option of just pulling my hair up up and away so I just have to find that balance. I lightly mist and apply my moisturizer to my hair at nights before braiding the plaits so that helps.

Hope this was helpful to someone. Enjoy and have a great weekend xoxo