Hey Curlies! I have been featured on the blog Hey Natural Beauties! Go check her page out. Awesome info. Great blog overall 🙂

black & well co.

On this weeks HNB Meets: natural beauty Nekisha takes us through her hair story.
Tell us a bit about yourself and the life of your hair before going natural.   
My name’s Nekisha from the beautiful Caribbean isle of Antigua & Barbuda! I have always had “sal’ head” (salt head) which is how we, in the Caribbean, describe kids whose hair was excessively short and “picky”. Growing up, I relaxed my hair to literal death. In my late teens (19 +) I started wearing weaves on a constant. At one point I did not own a shampoo or conditioner in excess of a year because as soon as one extension was removed, I was at the hair dresser’s the next day getting my hair washed, treated and a new set of extensions installed. I did not have any love nor a connection to my hair. By age 24, my…

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