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Hairfinity 6 Wks Header Hi Curlies! I think I may have mentioned in previous post/s that I got a bunch of Hairfinity hair vitamins for my birthday. Well, it has been 6 full weeks and I wanted to share with you guys my unimpressive results :-/ I always mention that I have a super slow growth rate (which I have accepted) but I was really hoping for a lil more growth with the Hairfinity. After 6 weeks, I gained 1″ of growth. If you remember my Castor Oil Challenge, I gained 1.5″ of hair after 3 Months so I am a teeny weeny bit ahead of that mark (like a 1/4″ more). I plan to stop back in at the 8 week mark and let you ladies know if I suddenly had a growth spurge! (haha – unlikely) I am not knocking the vitamin because I have seen very impressive results online, on Youtube and on numerous blogs. They do say some people’s bodies takes longer to adjust to the vitamins (at least, that’s what one friend told me) so I am hoping for a miracle at the end of week 8. In any event, I have 4 more bottles to go so, darlings, wish me luck!! 🙂 If you’re interested in trying Hairfinity then check out Brock Beauty’s website and get your growth on! PS – I thought you would be amused at my 4 week results photo! Tell me what you think!! 1 Month Results From my eyes, my hair did not move even a millimeter so I think the 1″ of growth I got happened within the last 10# days! Perhaps the vitamin does take longer to work on “sal’ head” people like myself 🙂 Have an awesome weekend Curlies xoxo