Hair Update



Hey Curlies,

So I have been on the (very) quiet side of things and that is due wholely and solely in part to the fact that I disconnected my internet because I did not want to sign another 2-year contract with my current provider. Without the contract to get the discounted price, the monthly bill was too high for me (esp since I committed myself to SAVING this year!) And I have found that the other companies are right up there in monthly cost so I am at a stand still. Please forgive me for the lack of posts but I do hope you have been well.

For the past couple weeks I have been … wait for it… combing my hair! Can you imagine that? LOL  I have been simply pulling my hair into a high ‘band’ and combing out the ends – which effectively allows my coils to shrink up in all their coily glory (thanks to my Shea Moisture Cirl Enhancing Smoothie). Those who know me knows I prefer soft to the touch hair over stretched out but hard and dry hair! I keep getting asked if I cut my hair again! So last night I decided to do some twists on my ends (using Eco Styler gel) so this morning my hair is a little more stretched out.

Just wanted to drop in and say hello and share the pics.

Here is a side by side for you.

Hair pic

Pic above is one week apart and, no, my hair did not suddenly grow. Its the fact that I twisted them the night before to stretch them 🙂

I have finally gotten around to doing a bentonite clay mask for my hair and, ladies, it was pure AWESOME! My hair was cleannnnn and my coils were just poppin!!! I did not need to use shampoo (I read it cld replace your shampoo). I then proceeded to deep condition and that was my entire wash cycle. I did not take any photos but I will def share the recipe with you in a bit or perhaps wait until I do it again in 2 weeks and do a full post.

My next length check comes up in 3 days which would be the end of my 2-Month journey with Hairfinity. See you then! (wish me luck!!)

12 thoughts on “Hair Update

  1. aquasurf00 says:

    Hello! I just love your blog and your hair is growing nicely! I don’t have natural hair but I’m still on a journey to get this hair healthy! Thanks for your tips!

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