TWA Style #8 – Marley Mohawk


This weekend I decided to go outside my norm and try a quick and easy style using my now very old and tired Marley braids and, I must say, the change was quite refreshing! I’ve seen it done many times on YouTube and it was truly a breeze.

The Process

  • Part hair into 3# sections
  • Gel and brush into separate ponytails; I used Ecostyler gel
  • Tie down hair for about 10 – 20 minutes
  • Grab marley hair and wrap around each ponytail as per your preference
  • Pin in place
  • Take photo and #blog #FB #Instagram aka have fun! *-*



My favorite part about this style is the fact that my hair is pulled into 3# separate ponytails which eliminated the tension I would feel when I pull my hair up into a pineapple; this style was much more gentle on my scalp. The downside for me was that I wasn’t a great big fan of seeing it”on my face”. Personally, I needed to have the hair fall a lil more forward for me to”feel pretty” with this style.

Will I try it again? Yes! (but with that minor adjustment)

Here is a tutorial I found on YouTube for the style.


I spend my Saturdays in the company of my sisters where we go to the local cinema and catch a matinee. We saw Dawn of the Planets of the Apes (which was freaking awesome!) Afterwards we went into the heart of the city where we just hung out listeingd to some local soca music because its Carnival time here. I took a few pics with some of the local artist from the group Mad-T-Guans (which I just had to share:)

Have a lovely weekend Curlies xo



10 thoughts on “TWA Style #8 – Marley Mohawk

  1. Ndeshimona says:

    Oh you are just way too cute!! I love the style! I have a wedding to go to next weekend and I’m thinking of adding some marley hair to my ‘do and make it really fun and funky! I’ll make sure to post it if I do 🙂

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