Protective Style: Crochet Braids

crochet braids

Hi lovelies! I have been meaning to try my hand at crochet braiding and finally got around to it this weekend! Can you say BIG HAIR??!! I am on holiday right now and its also Carnival season here so I wanted a big afro with lots of spunk.

I used 2.5 packs of marley braiding hair (plus 1# strand of color #4 in the very front) and a few hours later, this is what I came out with! I cut the marley braid in 2# and separated each strand of braid into 4 sections and for the front of my head, at least 5.

Here are some awesome YouTube tutorials on crochet braiding marley hair. Many more videos available on Youtube so go on over and be inspired!

Installing Crochet Braids


Here are pictures of my braid pattern (don’t laugh) and progress photos leading up to the final look.

I attempted to get a chunky twist out look going by twisting then dipping in hot water…utter fail! I did not give it enough time to set so I basically ended up with the same head of extremely big hair with just a slight crimp 😦   Will absolutely be trying a 3 strand braid out by dipping in hot water tonight and leaving to set overnight. Wish me luckkkkk!!!

Here are some more videos on maintaining and removing crochet braids. I have every intention to cut these babies out of my head as I will not be reusing them. Hoping to keep them a month.

Maintaining Crochet Braids


Removing Crochet Braids


I must admit that I am having the hardest time with this hair for the following reasons:

  1. this brand of marley hair feels like pure plastic
  2. i have a lot of hair on my head
  3. its not holding definition quite like I hoped

I will be back when I finally find a proper way to style them.  xo

5 thoughts on “Protective Style: Crochet Braids

  1. Renee DeSuza says:

    I tried the crochet braids myself on two different occasions and got the same results. I find that the amount of hair ends up sort of overwhelming my face. Tried using less hair on the bottom, hoping that it wouldn’t look as big but same thing happened.
    I like that final pic where you have it pulled back. Good luck with styling it.

    • BlackZulu says:

      Hey Renee, I absolutely hear you girl! I currently have some 3 strand braid in which i dipped in hot water last night. Will see how they turns out later. But I think this hair is GORG when curled with flexi rods. Look out for that too 🙂

  2. maicurls says:

    First off you look gorgeous as always! So I would 1. need to be able to flat twist neatly and 2. somehow figure out how to then install the hair = not happening lol. Such a great looking P.S on you.

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