Crochet Marley Braids: Style 1 – The 3-Strand Braid Out

DSC_1610 Hi Curlies! After my epic fail at a chunky twist out on my freshly installed crocheted marley hair, I decided to try for a chunky 3-strand braid out….and it worked! I am just sooooo elated! I braided my hair in a few big plaits and curled the ends with my trusty flexi rods. I dipped those babies in hot water one by one and blotted dry. I left them to dry overnight and most of the next day (as I am currently on holiday with no where to go) and undid them the following afternoon to go to the Soca Monarch Semi Finals. I also applied some shea butter to them before undoing the plaits.

Here is the before and after shot of the hair. Isn’t that amazing how tame they became? 🙂 BeforeAfter I love the look but I am realizing that I actually prefer my face with shorter hair so I pinned up the back. DSC_1560 I met my sister for lunch yesterday in the City and decided to do a side sweep.

I get lots of looks in town from females who I am sure were itching to ask me about it; but didn’t. Haha. At nights, I replait the hair and tie my hair down for bed. Because I am home most days, those plaits stay in until I am ready to go out again. I have taken to applying a moisturizer to the braids to give the hair some weight and shine. I love them! Here are a few snapshots from the Soca-Monach Semi-Finals. I plan to have my hair curled using either flexi rods or perm rods and dipped in hot water next. Will share when I do. Until then….stay beautiful xx

9 thoughts on “Crochet Marley Braids: Style 1 – The 3-Strand Braid Out

  1. nafisah says:

    I have crotchet braids similar to this on right now. Made them yesterday. i would be definitely trying this. Did you apply any product before braiding?

  2. Angie says:

    Hi…Its beautiful., Just the look I was looking for. Did you crochet the hair close together? What kind of shea butter did you use? And you said you braid it up each night correct?

    • BlackZulu says:

      Hi Angie! The hair is crocheted very closely together because I divided the hair into 2 – 3 strands. I do see ppl installing the hair with space between them tho. Once you fill in your head with enough hair, you should be good. Don’t be stingy because the hair looks full and thick in its original form but after you curl and dip in hot water, it goes right down!
      I had regular shea butter; nothing fancy. Whipped shea butter is much easier to spread tho.
      I was on holiday during the time I had this style so instead of leaving the hair out to fuzz up while I spent most days at home, I braided it back up and left it till it was time to go out again.
      Now, I have in a second – shorter – set of crochet marley and am back to work so the curl tends to last a few days before it fuzzes out completely. I just slip a satin bonnet over my head at night. When the curls starts getting fuzzy I just do a roll or pin it in a way that works for me. When it is fuzzy with no hope, I braid and dip in hot water again and its nice and crimpy again. Hope that helps!
      I will do another post on this shorter crochet braids in another week or so but not much has changed.

    • Angie says:

      Thanks so much for responding! regular shea butter that can be used for hair & skin? Also when you dip the hair, you are dipping the entire braid and letting it air/ blow dry?

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