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DSC_1610 Hi Curlies! After my epic fail at a chunky twist out on my freshly installed crocheted marley hair, I decided to try for a chunky 3-strand braid out….and it worked! I am just sooooo elated! I braided my hair in a few big plaits and curled the ends with my trusty flexi rods. I dipped those babies in hot water one by one and blotted dry. I left them to dry overnight and most of the next day (as I am currently on holiday with no where to go) and undid them the following afternoon to go to the Soca Monarch Semi Finals. I also applied some shea butter to them before undoing the plaits.

Here is the before and after shot of the hair. Isn’t that amazing how tame they became? 🙂 BeforeAfter I love the look but I am realizing that I actually prefer my face with shorter hair so I pinned up the back. DSC_1560 I met my sister for lunch yesterday in the City and decided to do a side sweep.

I get lots of looks in town from females who I am sure were itching to ask me about it; but didn’t. Haha. At nights, I replait the hair and tie my hair down for bed. Because I am home most days, those plaits stay in until I am ready to go out again. I have taken to applying a moisturizer to the braids to give the hair some weight and shine. I love them! Here are a few snapshots from the Soca-Monach Semi-Finals. I plan to have my hair curled using either flexi rods or perm rods and dipped in hot water next. Will share when I do. Until then….stay beautiful xx