Crochet Marley Braids: Style #2 – The Twisted Side Bun [2 variations]




Hi Curlies! Just dropping in with a very quick post to show the second style I have put my crochet marley braids into. I have not been experimenting much because, as I said in my last post, I am currently on holidays from work and have basically been spending my days at home braiding Havana Twists.

But yesterday I had errands to run in the city so I undid my 3-strand plaits and had a pretty braid out; but the hair feels “light” to me, like it needs some product to sort of weigh it down. As I didn’t want the hair flying all about in the wind I opted for a twisted side bun and I loved it! *-*

TWISTED SIDE BUN – Variation 1


This style is simply 2# big twists which met on one side at the back of my head where I proceeded to twist them together and wrap to form a bun. It was easy, quick and very simple to accomplish!

Side Bun-twisted


TWISTED SIDE BUN – Variation 2



Here, I simply rolled the hair under (twists are over) and pinned as I went. The two sides met on one side at the back of my head where I proceeded to twist them together and wrap to form a bun. I love the sophisticated look I get with this method [some may find the big twists a little old-timish]. I can easily see myself wearing this style to work on an everyday basis!

Side Bun

You can spice up your look with a head band of your choice to add some funk to your look!


I still haven’t worked up the courage to try the flexi / cold wave rod curls. I think I just may need a little help with that one 😦 I’m also thinking this hair is not “cruffy” enough for my liking – I would prefer a more 4C texture 🙂

As always – stay beautifulxx



    1. Thanks hun! I love that big twist too. Will def have to search YouTube for more big twists/plait styles!! I use the Nikon D3200 with kit lenses. I have no clue how to use it to its full potential but I just wanted a cam that took really really good clean pics and it is def worth it *-*

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