TWA Style #9: Variation 2 – Oblong High Bun with Side Bang


Hello Curlies! Just popping my head in for a quick picture post of today’s hair! I have added a little side bang to my oblong high bun as inspired by fellow blogger Natural DRoc.

I simply crochet braided 5-6 strands of marley hair cut in 2 onto a single plait across the very center of my head and pinned the ends in place.

Find the oblong high bun tutorial here and how to create the bang can be found on Natural Droc’s blog here.


Do let me know if you give this style a try!

Happy weekend xxoo



    1. Not 100% blemish free, but certainly getting there! What you see is my beautifully blended foundation (Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation) and my powder (Sasha Cosmetics in Beautiful Bronze) 🙂 My use of ACV and water as a toner and my once weekly bentonite clay face masks has been working wonders!

Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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