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Hey Ladies! Here is another #fakeittillyoumakeit hair post with my very favorite marley hair! I am still feeling my bang (esp after a giant sized zit appear a couple days ago square in the center of my forehead *tears*) but I was bored of the high bun so I went for something different this morning and this was the results!

I’m loving it!

I was contemplating braiding 2# big corn rows down the back of my head but so glad my fingers came up with this! I simply parted out the bang and braided 2# horizontal cornrows. I crochet braided a few strands of marley hair to each row and BAM – I had my bang 🙂

I then attempted to part a straight line down the center of my head (#fail) and proceeded to moisturize and comb through the hair. I then took 3# strands of full length marley braids and folded it in half – twice (my head small). I brushed my hair up nicely and simply started rolling my hair around the marley braids – rolling and pinning as I went along. I left out the very end in order to join it with the other side. I did the same thing on the other side – rolling and pinning and when I got to the end, I simply rolled upward; joining the two rolls.

I used some Eco Styler gel on my edges and smooth a bit further up my hair. I can’t remember if I did any brushing at that time. I then tied my silk scarf around my head while I bathe and did my face.

Afterwards, I removed the scarf, shaped my bang and pinned it in place then tied a band around the roll.

Voila! Another one for the short hair 4C ladies to give a try!

Hope you do try it. Do let me know if you do get around to it – would like to see your results *-*