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Hey Curlies! I spent the entire week doing roll and pins in my hair. Not only is it a very quick and simple style; it also protects your ends as they are safely tucked away from the elements. Every day I simply let my hands roam free and whatever I came up with, I stuck with.

The only problem I have with rolls is that one hair pin that decides it wants to rage war with your scalp and you have to weed it out and reposition it 😀

What I do love about the style is the fact that I do not need to use any gel! I simply gel my edges for a sleek look and that’s it. Love love loveeeeee!

Rolls can last up to 1# week once you do proper bedtime practices. I generally keep mine 1# or 2# days (I kept the first roll I did in my previous post for 4# days!) but the hair pins tend to irritate me so I just take ’em down and do it all over again in the morning – which I am very happy to do.

Here are the other 2# rolls I did this week.


Full Circle Roll and Pin


Apologies for the poor lighting. Photos taken early evening 😦

If I am keeping my roll longer than a day, then in the morning I will mist my hair lightly with my Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifer (or DIY Hair mist) to add a little moisture. I will also run a bit of castor oil through any parts in my hair. To finish, I reapply a touch of gel to my edges and wrap with scarf for a few minutes and I am ready to go again.

Happy rolling Lovelies xo

PS – remember when it comes to natural hair – every spoil is a style! So if your hair doesn’t turn out the exact way you envisioned, don’t worry. Only you will know 😉

PPS – marley braids used under roll to get shape #fakeittillyoumakeit