TWA Style #13 – Mini 2-Strand Twist Out

Mini Twist Out_1

Mini twist out – Day 1

OK, so technically, this should be a part of my TWA Style #12 but I decided to give it its own space anyways *-*

I am absolutely in love with these twist outs I derived from my mini twists! Like seriously! You remember how I would lament over not being able to hold a twist out any more? I stand corrected. If I want a twist out, I’m going to have to do my twists much smaller and keep them for a couple days before untwisting.

I kept my mini twists for only 4# days because, honestly, my hair looked scanty scanty with those twists 😦  I did love the fact that they were easy to moisturize with no need to worry about shrinkage or tangles 🙂

All I did was untwist (which was slightly tedious because they were soooo small!) and misted my hair at the roots with my Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier. I then rubbed a bit of my castor and coconut oil mix in the palm of my hands and rubbed on the ends of my hair.

I don’t know about you but I LOVED the results!!

FOUR DAYS LATER and my twist out is still going strong! I am just blown away. Woot woot.

Mini Twist Out_2

Mini twist out – Day 4

Goodbye half-a-day twist outs and hello mini twist out. You will become my friend for life. So lovely to meet you *-*

As always, stay beautiful. Stay blessed.


16 thoughts on “TWA Style #13 – Mini 2-Strand Twist Out

  1. Chari T says:

    Yes! Yes! And yes!!!! I love this!!!! Right after the BC I’d rock mini twists for a week and then the resulting twistout for a week. The only down side was how tangled it was at the end of the week! Yikes!! Lovvvvvve the twist out puff!

    • BlackZulu says:

      Thank you for that reality check, Charity! 😀 I’m planning to saturate my hair in conditioner for a bit before I detangle on wash day. Hopefully, that helps 🙂

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