~Its a Wrap~


Its time to say goodbye to my crochet marley braids after exactly 3# weeks. I wrapped them up for a trip to the city and fell in love with this side profile photo I took.

Seeing yourself as beautiful  gives you a profound sense of pride as well as elevates one’s self esteem.

Have a lovely weekend, Curlies xo

11 thoughts on “~Its a Wrap~

  1. maicurls says:

    Giiiiirrrrl! I didn’t see this post before but saw the picture on the side menu and thought…@hunt down the post”! You look absolutely stunning (as you always do)!!! I love wraps. I have recently developed an obsession with them and bought a few (a few too many but they are so pretty and I love that they can be used to help protect our hair.) Gaaawgeousness!

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