Hair Update – Nov 2014 | 1 Yr & 7 Months Natural

Hair_Update_Nov_2014 I removed my crochet braids protective style and decided to let my hair ‘rest’ for 4.5 days before I go ahead and reinstall a fresh set of crochet braids (this afternoon to be precise). There is no better feeling than removing a protective style and revealing moisturized hair! I just loooove that feeling. My hair was well taken care of those 3 weeks of protective styling. Moisturizing my braids and oiling my scalp every other day or as needed really really works. After washing my hair – very basic routine: shampoo, deep treatment (Shea Moisture Strengthening Hair Masque w/ coconut milk, honey and olive oil added – no heat) and then a round of V05 conditioner because the treatment does not soften my hair the way conditioner does. I then twisted in my hair overnight. What I have come to realize is that stretching my hair with twists or braids simply emphasizes my sparse strands. My twist out hair looks ‘gappy’ / ‘stringy’ / ‘thin’ (still no definition) but forget the twists and my hair shrinks into a beautiful ball of coily curls that I absolutely love (pictured above)! So no more tedious twisting at nights for no reason. Nope. I’m just gonna rock it in all its shrunken glory 😀 I’m also not length checking (don’t need the depression haha). Its moisturized, its shiny, its healthy and that’s all that matters. Will length check in 4 months when I hit my 2 year nappiversary. Until next time, stay beautiful; stay blessed xo

8 thoughts on “Hair Update – Nov 2014 | 1 Yr & 7 Months Natural

  1. PassionPoet says:

    I love following your hair journey. As you’ve realized, I’m growing my locs .. Just passed a year with these particular locs as my hair was opened and retwisted four times before I finally stuck with it! I followed you like the good #Bajan stalker I am 🙂 But I continue to read because, although I don’t do my hair myself, watching your joy and smiling face does it for me everytime, and I might learn something. 🙂

    • BlackZulu says:

      LOL @ stalker. I check up on you at interims so don’t worry. I meant to message you when I saw your wife @ Poetry in the Pubs attempting to read one of your pieces but had to cough a few times (hahahah) but it slipped me *shame face* But congratulations (better late than never!) Keep enjoying your journey xx

    • PassionPoet says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 You know I miss interacting with you right? 🙂 I will – and you do the same!


      Yeah she told me she just opened the book and landed on the only poem in there from a female perspective lol I could imagine her trying to read it LOL

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