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Say hello to what I think must be my very first “Hairspiration” post! You know how everybody repost absolutely awesome natural hair photos as “Hairspiration” for themselves and others? Yeah? Well, I actually hated those post. (oops, hate is a strong word…but you get the idea, right?)


Because many of the images are just not realistic for me. They do not inspire because I know I will never achieve anything close…but I do ADMIRE them because they are always beautiful.

But on a serious note, the image above is Bola. I came across her on the Hey Natural Beauties! blog where she shares her natural hair story. Her hair is a spot on look at what my hair would possibly look like if it was to ever grow that long (say, 5 years or so?) and it INSPIRED me! Texture and density – just spot on! I just had to share 🙂

Go on over to Hey Natural Beauties! and read Bola’s  story and be inspired!

You can also catch Bola on her many social links to keep in contact:

Website: curlyB.co.uk
Instagram: @curlyBola
Twitter: @curlybola


As always, Curlies, stay beautiful. Stay blessed xx