Hairspiration: Bola


Bola of


Say hello to what I think must be my very first “Hairspiration” post! You know how everybody repost absolutely awesome natural hair photos as “Hairspiration” for themselves and others? Yeah? Well, I actually hated those post. (oops, hate is a strong word…but you get the idea, right?)


Because many of the images are just not realistic for me. They do not inspire because I know I will never achieve anything close…but I do ADMIRE them because they are always beautiful.

But on a serious note, the image above is Bola. I came across her on the Hey Natural Beauties! blog where she shares her natural hair story. Her hair is a spot on look at what my hair would possibly look like if it was to ever grow that long (say, 5 years or so?) and it INSPIRED me! Texture and density – just spot on! I just had to share 🙂

Go on over to Hey Natural Beauties! and read Bola’s  story and be inspired!

You can also catch Bola on her many social links to keep in contact:

Instagram: @curlyBola
Twitter: @curlybola


As always, Curlies, stay beautiful. Stay blessed xx

7 thoughts on “Hairspiration: Bola

  1. isleofazure says:

    Indeed, saw that post her hair is amazing and so is yours my dear!!! All Naturalistas on WordPress are my inspiration, not just because of your amazing tresses but because you girls are truly fabulous girls 😀 so keep posting and rock your natural hair!

  2. Kushite Prince says:

    Pretty woman! Looks like Nekisha has some competition!lol Just messing with you. You know you’re still #1. 🙂

  3. Bola says:

    Lol thanks for the feature Nekisha and thanks for the comments! I’m glad for the support. I feel that there are so few bloggers with our super kinky, fragile texture it’s truly wonderful to stumble upon another! I’ll def be following your lovely hair journey. Bola xx

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