TWA Style #14 – The Halo Twist

DSC_2704_2_2 Hello Curlies! Its been forever since I added to my TWA Style Files but here’s a new one that I call The Halo Twist! I have always loved to see the Halo Braid style but the videos I saw on Youtube required you to pull your hair into a low ponytail – uh uh, not happening with my TWA. So I went for something better suited for my length of hair – and I love it! Here’s the dirty on getting this done. What you need: DSC_2625

  • Head band (preferably one you tie yourself and not the one shown in pic)
  • Gel
  • Brush
  • scarf *not shown in pic
  • Marley braids (twisted)
  • Hair pins

The Process: Step 1 DSC_2639 Apply gel around your edges and smooth upwards. Brush the edges of your hair upwards to smooth it out then pull your hair into a high (wide) updo as shown. Be sure not to stress your hair with your headband. I used a long satin one I had that I wrapped around a few times then tied and tucked away the edges. Those elastic bands don’t exactly do the trick. Step 2 DSC_2634 Tie head with scarf for 10 – 15 minutes to ensure your hair lays flat and stays smooth. Step 3 halo Make a small part either diagonally or horizontally in the center of your head and roll hair around band and pin in place as you wound a bun. I tried it both ways and I personally prefer the horizontal part. We’re not going for the “roll of the year” award but do ensure that the hair lays smooth on top. The pinned under part will be covered by the twist so don’t worry to much if it looks a bit haphazard! Step 4 Halo_2_2 Take the twisted marley braids and wound around your ‘bun’ and pin in place. I used 8# strands of marley braids and laid them 4# strands each unevenly in order to stretch them. I then folded over in half and twisted. *In the photo at the very top I had 12# strands of marley braids twisted full length but it was too long! From the front, this looks just like the halo braid styles but not so much from the sides and back 😀  But its still a lovely style and I do hope you try it! Halo_4 Halo_3 Let me know if you do! Until next time, stay beautiful and stay blessed xx

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