Hi Curlies! When I wore my curly crochet braids, I found that the trick to keeping the hair looking freaking awesome was to mist it daily with a water, oil and conditioner mix. Now, I’m sure plain water could have worked as well but you know how naturals can be a bit ‘extra’ *-*

But in addition to this water mist, I also found that a Curl & Wave Mousse helped to give my curls an awesome hold without being hard. It also helped the curls to pop. When I was out and about, the wind had less control of which direction my hair blew. The hold was simply fantastic! 


So, if you’re going to crochet braid using curly braids, pick yourself up a bottle – it will work wonders for your hair!

Happy Christmas Eve, lovelies! May your holidays be filled with fun and laughter as you enjoy your moments with your family and/or friends. xx