New Year’s Eve Inspirational Hairstyles

Updo by My Natural Sistas

Updo by My Natural Sistas

The New Year is fast approaching and everyone wants to start the New Year off with a bang; and that includes our hair style! I am leaning towards a faux bun of some sort for my New Year’s Eve outing and came across so many awesome YouTube videos that I just had to share with you ladies!

I’ve always loved high buns – and although my hair is taking it’s precious time to get to the length where I can pull it into a single high ponytail without killing stressing my edges – I’m going to take another swing at it on the 31st (hopefully, my hair has grown some). If my hair does not cooperate, then you know I have no problem splitting my ponytail into 2# sections – I’ll just make sure they sit close enough together to mimic 1#.

Some of the styles below are fancy while others are more on the simple side; but buns and updos gives such a classic look that it definitely adds a touch of glam to your look even if it is sweet and simple. So don’t be afraid to go simple!

Without further ado, here are a few buns and updos that are sure to add a bit of sparkle to your look! 

1. Twisted Faux Bun by My Natural Sistas

2. Twisted Faux Updo by My Natural Sistas

3. Elegant Goddess Bun Updo by NaturallyCherrell

4. Double Rope Mohawk by NaturallyCherrell

5. Marley Bow Updo by NaturallyCherrell

6. Sweet Little Updo by My Natural Sistas

7. The Ninja Bun by BeesOHoney

8. The Over-sized Pompadour by NeekNinja

9. Vintage Classy Updo by NeekNinja

10. Simple Faux Bun

The Elegant Goddess Bun is looking super chic and fancy so I may sway towards that one, but you will know which one I pick when I post about it *-*

For 2015, I’m hoping to stick to updos so I’m looking to pick up a couple fresh packs of marley braids and knock out a new updo each week.

Which of these styles will you snag, either for New Year’s Eve or otherwise?

Let me take this time to wish all my readers a Blessed & Highly Favored New Year! May 2015 bring you love, joy and happiness. Never forget that our struggles makes us stronger so never give up on your dreams no matter how hard the road may seem because failure and success are on the same road….success is just further up ahead.

Until next time, stay beautiful. Stay blessed xoxo

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Inspirational Hairstyles

  1. maicurls says:

    Such great inspirational style ideas thanks for sharing! I need to figure out what I plan on doing for NY. The dilemmas of natural hair LOL. Merry Christmas hun and a Happy New Year in advance 😀

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