DIY: Faux Locs


Freshly installed Faux Locs

Hello Curlies! I have been on the quiet and will post a hair update in a bit but until then I wanted to stop in and show you my current style which is the trending Faux Locs. I did these myself and it took my roughly 6 hours to complete. And here’s why – I had installed some very short marley twist just to get my hair out of the way but they were looking rather rough/stale after just a week and I was tempted to take them out. However, I decided to take the plunge and wrap them myself instead. So, I went on out and purchase 2# packs of marley braids and wrapped them between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Here are my tips for installing DIY Faux Locs: 

  • I would highly recommend that if you’re planning to do Faux Locs yourself (using braided hair to create the plaits), that you braid or Havana twist your hair at least a week prior. Why? Because the plaits/twists would have relaxed/loosened after a week so that when you wrap them your scalp is not on fire! My faux locs is not tight in the least! Not one!! I was super super pleased about that!
  • To start wrapping the plait/twist, use a crochet hook to pull the wrapping hair between the twist at the root so as to avoid slippage that can occur over time. I would also recommend that you start wrapping the plait/twist directly and not wound the hair around the roots first (that will make it tight on the scalp)
  • I used the “wrap back up the loc” method to finish my ends but I didn’t seem to get it properly so if you chose that method then you may need to use a lighter or candle to lightly ‘seal’ where the wrapping hair ends so that it does not unravel as time goes by. I also lightly touched the bottom with fire and rolled in the palm of my hands.
  • Faux Locs are generally very stiff right after installation. Over time, they will loosen up but if you’re not one for waiting then I have been told to dip the locs in hot water and that will soften them up instantly so that they are easier to style. However, be prepared for a few hours drying time!

For my style, I used 2# packs of marley hair cut in 3# to achieve the twists. I think I was using 2# pieces overlapped and stretched (to get rid of blunt ends). I them used 2# packs of marley braids to wrap using 1# strand of braid per twist. I ended up having to swipe a piece from a few of the braids to create additional strands as the 2# packs were just barely enough. But you would know how many packs you need based on how many twists are in your hair. A pack of marley braids generally comes with 20 strands of hair.

I will not be keeping this style for any length of time – perhaps 2# weeks or so – because I did a piss poor job of wrapping them (haha) but once styled, no one can really tell 😀  Here’s a couple of styles I have already done since installing them. Very simple styles. I will most likely update this post when I have additional styles to post.

Locs_2 Locs

Here is a helpful Youtube Video on how to go abouts installing your own Faux Locs.

Have a beautiful day xoxo

18 thoughts on “DIY: Faux Locs

  1. Kushite Prince says:

    Looking good as always sweetie! How you been boo? I haven’t chatted with you in awhile. That’s a cool video you put up. When are we going to see some videos of your lovely face? *fingers crossed*

  2. raybekah says:

    I really want to have faux locs on but I never thought about doing them myself, good job with the styling too!
    Which extension did you use though because this looks neat and silky if I may add?

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